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  1. Mmm it doesn't work :/ My indicators are buttons on my steering wheel, but when I blink I hear nothing..
  2. Mmm it doesn't work with me :/ It say's: couldn't open game process What can I have done wrong?
  3. How do get the GPU temp at your screen Kotton? :)
  4. Hey :) I have a problem with my steering wheel wich I didn't have in TDU1 The problem is that when I turn my wheel for a few cm's there doesn't happen anything, ingame the steering is not direct :( Someone that has this problem also? And if you don't have this problem can you show your setting please? :) Thx in advance (and sorry for the bad english ^^)
  5. Awesome ! Make the best of it :)
  6. An M3 E90 or E93??? :monkeydance: :twisted:
  7. Someone has a good IK? :) Nice mod !
  8. Amazing! thanks Hayabusa ! +rep ! :thumbsup:
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/?ep2rv1o1jbl4zvl
  10. God damned it keeps failing :( Want to have this plate: http://www.r8pl8z.com/2nd-gf If someone could make it, I would be very happy :) Thx in advance
  11. Thank you for this very nice mod ! Only I can't find a perfect CAM/IK :( The best I found was A6 but then I couldn't look back :( Anyone found the perfect one?
  12. Nah I tried and unfortunately u are wrong :sulk: I don't get it managed :cry:
  13. The problem is when you drive a car to the 'new' house and you select an other car in an other house, he drives with the car from the new house :confused::D I think I have to buy a car when I'm in the new house and then drive my others to there.. :lol: Thanks for helping and replies ! :monkeydance:
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