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  1. Hello How do You fix your d3d9 problem on windows 10?

    1. Martini1294


      So sorry man! I'm a year late but I didn't see this! My apologies! Hope you got it sorted in the end though 😄

  2. My game hangs very often when other players join my session and I've got crashes sometimes when the "saving game" message appears. Does anyone have this problem too?
  3. I downloaded and installed the Extra HQ Trees. But I still have the original tree that obscures me these new HQ Trees ... What should I do? Please help I have to download anything else? Because in a folder with HQ trees have only setbush.2DB
  4. o.0 Jest i Hubert :D

  5. Why i haven't got file - Roadpatch in "18Wos Invert" ? :crying:
  6. Help :( I haven't files - CommonWorld - Common.bnk HELP me :cry:
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