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  1. thanks a lot, do you have a tutorial for this custom 2dm?
  2. i've put the f355 mod on one of the unreleased cars, the f380, i tried to set the colors via VPE, in the dealer the outside color works, but when i drive off the car it resets to the default silver color also, the interior colors doesn't work at all
  3. hi again binbow, i'm trying to set the colors on a unreleased car, i managed to make it show the paint color, but the interior just won't work also, when i drive it from the dealer, it changes color, any advice? thanks
  4. yes, that's the one, thanks a lot :tup::tup::tup:
  5. sorry to bother again, but it's not a bug this time i tried to search the thread for the tutorial on how to separate and replace "repeated" cars, like the stock clk and the outlaw variant, but couldn't find it, could you link it to me? thanks a lot
  6. [quote name='binbow']@wagnerpsc: Sorry to trouble you. Could you please delete the file "TDU2vPE_ini.xml" in the folder where TDU2VPE is installed and try again from setting?[/QUOTE] same error...
  7. same error here, i'm 100% positive it's something with my game
  8. same error, i think it's something with my system...
  9. got this error when starting [ATTACH=full]32156[/ATTACH]
  10. the error appeared as soon as i ran the progam, i'm using the from your link and all is working nicely, and yes, the bug was in the latest version, the one from the first post
  11. yep, all of then worked, i'm using and it's all good
  12. no rush, do you have any of the previous versions for me to test? maybe it's something with my system and the newest version, IDK
  13. Hey bimbow, long time i've returned to play tdu2 and updated vpe, but it gives me this error whenever i open it, tried to delete all from previous versions and do a fresh install but nothing. any help? thanks . [ATTACH=full]32155[/ATTACH]
  14. can someone provide another mirror? depositfiles limits my speed to a retarded 40kbps even with 100mbs internet plan,it just taks ages to download something big as 800mb
  15. nevermind i figured it out myself,and i confused the stock 370Z with the nismo one,my bad
  16. looks good,but what's the deal with the offroad ride height? not even on binbow's program i can lower it
  17. well shoot... thanks anyway,you're the best
  18. another question binbow,can i change the sound file of the cars with your program? i mean,i've put stargt's m4 on DBS carbon but it uses the same sound file from the regular DBS,is there any option to change it? thanks again
  19. hi again bimbow,i got a weird bug after editing the touareg,the game just refuses to load! i lost a savegame because i was driving it last time i played and even changing name or specs on VPE doesn't fix it,any ideas? btw,this was months ago but i just got to play tdu2 again today and stumbled on it,thx EDIT: nevermind,i figured it was a bug in a mod i put on this slot!
  20. awesome idea,best cls ever but the exterior model is cringeworthy low poly,even the rear lights are square-ish i'm not bashing the mod,just some constructive criticism
  21. damn fine idea,i've replaced the solar crown,driving school and some rival cars by myself,the only downside is that some of them use the same sound of the original model,like the camaro 1lt and synergy,i've put the nova on the lt and the ssx by tototo on the synergy and both use the 1lt sound file,any fix for this? btw,downloaded your packs from your blog,thanks a lot
  22. a regular e63 amg was made some time ago,it's the previous generation though
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