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  1. I don't know if anybody noticed this but, I installed over unpacked game, and while driving the Shelby GT500 KR I was over 200km/h and suddenly made a hard left and the left side of the car just left the ground... The car is too "lightweight" or something but, it always happens.
  2. I ask for your patience, everyone. I'm very busy at the moment, BUT I have not forgotten every single request you've made, so keep calm and drive... Low and Slow, ok?? BRB with the huds...
  3. Well, I just have to say... It's bloody gorgeous mate... The lighting is great, textures, everything is incredible good looking. Keep up the good work :)
  4. It's awesome... Really nice job mate, I'm gonna test it and give you my feed back in case you need it for some fixes :)
  5. Sure, I get that... I was only asking for a easy way to "fix" that myself, a tip or something like that... Well... probably I'll look for a new impreza mod... I'll hope I find the hatchback...
  6. Probably this was answered before but... I just put one of these awesome rims in my impreza but, it came out the tire make the rim smaller than what is shown in the picture... so, is there any way to make it look bigger?? without messing with the car or get buried in the ground... Anyway, I told you before, this IS an awesome job you do mate +rep :)
  7. Thank you for waiting mate... It's all done, I hope you like it... Enjoy!! =)
  8. Do you have any samples you like... I mean I have one almost ready but there is a lot of colour, redline, brand... I'll post the first version in a couple of hours, if you find some samples you like I can convert them also =)
  9. I'm glad you like it... What else can I do for you??
  10. All done mate... enjoy =) I'm sorry it took that long...
  11. Nice shot... Well it is already done, but I haven't been able to tweak it yet, so please hang in there a bit longer :) Also I have to make some money to buy the Lotus XD
  12. Which model... 2012 turbo?? Almost done... Would you mind posting the link of the car So I know with car it replaces and be able to set them up...la Sorry mate, but I couldn't find any good samples... maybe if you find one post it here...
  13. Oh, now I see it... I don't use the interior view that's why I didn't seen it before... But interior's RPM isn't affected by the gauges parameters I believe... I'll see what I can do but I don't know, maybe I'll end up making it from ground zero.
  14. Hi Zero i see you play bad company 2 , Add me in the game Bogdanfrom7c or on origin grasu09 , cya
  15. I don't know what to tell you... solar interference? My Viper Gauges works flawlessly... have you modified something?
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