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  1. Well we're not officially married yet...but s**n™
  2. You're more than welcome to visit :D :D I'm expecting you :p
  3. Yep same color. I hope milli doesn't fall into his arms though, she's my wife :oook:
  4. New driving video :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh7X6sUgn0o I really enjoy the part at S.Pedro de Moel
  5. I've fixed your car Andy. Can barely notice there was ever something, quite proud o'meself Thx milli for nail polish!
  6. Ouch xD no matter how small a scratch/mark on a car is I can't live with it, makes me feel so bad :( It could get rusty though since the paint came off :/
  7. good, proper, caipirinha properly made by those who properly know how to and who use quality limes and who so kindly allow me to drink it :drool:
  8. Saw one once ^.^ The Mk1 clio seems like a really nice car, they're still out there and kicking in good health.
  9. Incase this isn't too obvious..los pCarros :nods: Made a little video with terrible rendering settings (as you can see @aspect ratio) I had fun doing this really :lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8buwxmpYM0
  10. They wish :p Thought you'd like the color + car combo :oook: :cheeky:
  11. As poshahawk said It's le fabulous pCARS
  12. First 2 in Assetto Corsa, Last 3 in pCARS :cool:
  13. Thanks so much for that ;) It'll get ok obviously! :D
  14. girl problems, dw about it really :3 I know the intention's good but I was just seeking for milli as she's known the whole story from the beginning, and it's a big story Thanks though!! <3
  15. Those butts are not that sexy. too big imho xD
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