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  1. Picture taken with Xperia Z2 in Superior Auto mode :)
  2. This is a pretty well done test! Read about the ENTP personality and plenty of things add up with my personalty! very nice!
  3. Nonsense! You're just jealous tis' all and your username says a lot about how you take any fashion style other than yours :p :run: /I won jk
  4. No matter how much Mike helps you softie, you'll never dress as well as me /fact :cheeky:
  5. 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, would wolf-hunt :thumbsup:
  6. Why don't you write out a post and explain us why? :)
  7. When women get together to work, they just chat it all out and eventually end up fighting :p Anyways, you do have a project defense session right? You'll ace that and they'll be here next year doing it again :D
  8. Got an extra set of airbags eh Harley! Can't fail that MOT!
  9. Organic chemistry Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww................. .........50 days later........... ewwwwwwwwwwww! Best of luck to you, you're gonna need plenty o' vitamins for that..get it get it? :D haha
  10. No, No, No, No No No NOOOO! I could still talk about the VW Sharan though :p It's made in Portugal
  11. Genious idea :yay: Aye for an independent chatbox, no mercedes talk!
  12. Looks like a light case of Suarez bite tom :mhmm:
  13. Only Speeder can tell, it depends on how the code's done. If the server adress is hardcoded then no. If it's persistently stored and the data is not in binary format, then probably yes :p But I'm just yapping on, once again, only Speeder can tell what's he got done :p
  14. It's not about being possible, it's about if the current code was developed with that in mind. Shouldn't be too hard to implement a system which asks you for the server IP, but if it's to be user friendly you'll need a user friendly GUI. If speeder has that in mind, I'd like to say I could help making a Java GUI to browse servers/select one, but maybe in a few months only.
  15. Awesome work speeder!!! Is the download link updated for me to get this juicy thang :D?
  16. Once you go xperia you never go back :p /proud wanna be embassador of xperia
  17. Tis also a good phone vs the M2 (the moto g) :)
  18. How so? sony even has a website dedicated to firmware modifications, they allow you to unlock the bootloader and they give you instructions to do so: Unlockbootloader - Developer World Sony releases Android AOSP for some of their devices if you prefer it: AOSP for Xperiaâ„¢ devices Developer World And if you check xda-developers there are plenty custom roms made for xperias^^
  19. That model's 10 years old already? That's the best looking fia..*alpha ( :p ) made since the 80's :D
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