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  1. Camel

    BTCC 2017

    No BTCC 2017 thread? I missed the first race weekend of the season and was hoping to be at Donington today but that didn't happen so I'm making up for it by watching it on TV. F4 race stopped due to a horrific crash, just hope the young lad is okay. He went flat out into the back of and under a stopped/slow moving car. The worst part for viewers is the live TV feed showed him go under the car in front with the cars onboard camera. Not sure if he hit his head though. Other than that there has been some good racing and mega crashes so far this weekend with a few more hours to go with the rain on its way. Got to love how simple Donington is but it always manages to cook up some great entertainment.
  2. Can't believe I missed the big 10! That's almost like a decade old, right? Got this place to thank for many, many good memories and some truly awesome people over the last 10 years. Glad to see the name changes still going strong as I have no idea who some people are. Hope everyone is still doing well. :)
  3. Camel

    BTCC 2016

    Sheddon! Final race of the season and the top 2 drivers are separated by 2 points. Sheddon needs to beat Tordoff to win the championship and has just passed in on track. :panic: BTCC 2016, you will be missed.
  4. Camel

    F1 2016 - News/Calendar/Updates

    Good news on the radio comms rule being heavily lifted. Also thanks to Rosberg, double yellow flag situations will now result in a red flag in qualifying. Thanks Rosberg/moron stewards. And no more track limits? Drivers were being threatened with penalties for exceeding tracking limits in free practice 2. I thought it was called practice for a reason...
  5. You can't join friends no. You can come across other players but you more than likely won't know as you won't be able to hear them or see a name above them.
  6. GT can't come soon enough. So many more sleeps. :(
  7. Still over 150 cars to go. And it appears to be random. Several Audis announced last week and more were announced last week. So you will still probably get an F-type.
  8. Only 14 more sleeps! Or if you like big numbers, then it's only 1.2 quadrillion nanoseconds.
  9. I quite like playing around with the quirky cars. Things that you rarely see in other games.
  10. Here be the 4th trailer, Survive.
  11. <<entry post>> I don't really think I got the effect I was after. :hmmm:
  12. Camel

    Happy Birthday to our favourite Scot!

    Happy birthday Cal. Treat yourself to an Austin Metro! :birthday:
  13. Camel

    Salon de TDUCK: New Car Releases

    Corvettes. :drool: But F-type. :drool: i think that Vette would win out for me as I wouldn't want an F-type unless it was the beast one. :nods:
  14. Camel

    F1 2016 - News/Calendar/Updates

    They would have known that he was trying to back Rosberg up into Ricciardo.