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  1. I think this is possible with literally any car with 275km/h top speed or above.:nods: I did it with R34 and there's a video on YT with some1 managing it with stock Espirit.
  2. Hi sorry I know this is a bit off-topic but I would like to ask for any skilled player here if he's got any interest of uploading his best run in "Island of Tour" Event using an in-game car? Can't find any on YouTube apart from another dude in CCR got 35.29 lately. Here's my run as a tiny challenge (I know, my run is still piece of crap): P.S. At least I've got project paradise and few other mods in this video :P
  3. I never played online in old days. How to unlock multiplayer events? Can't find them at all on my map.
  4. @ t0m3k911 would you mind reuploading the light mods u've got again? Unfortunately your link's dead as well :(
  5. 1st of all apologies for posting in this section, but this is the page which most people would probably notice this post. Some of links for amazing mods on this site are now dead. e.g. Tool831 car mods and sound mod packs 1 & 2. Just wondering if anyone were happy to share some of those sick mods once again (even privately)... :sulk:
  6. Sorry I was away for work some time. Trying firewall now. Antivirus failed EDIT: both failed, and when i try launch online profile with official launcher+1.68b, game crashed as well
  7. yes it is 0.03A. I 1st installed game with disc followed by 1.66A and megapack, and lastly putting in .dll and PP launcher. I also did the same for another PC and both ended with same fate: crash ... But very glad to hear you're still working on the mod regardlessly.
  8. network probably not related to game crash i believe. nevertheless will give a try later. Thx
  9. tried it again on 2 of my PCs. Didn't work :( Same issues as b4. Overlay programs like Steam closed but still didn't show "nickname invalid/new profile" thing, and right after that crashed at connecting to TDU server screen ...
  10. Hi i've been trying to play online with this mod but no hope. I did not have GameSpy account so I tried creating new ones BOTH before and after putting in .dll and mod launcher, but everytime i reached connecting to TestDrive server with mod placed in, it gets stuck there and game never responded again. Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Sorry if this question's been asked but too many pages for browsing. My twos PCs are on Windows 7&8 respectively.
  11. Okay now I really get jealous of your friends lol. Thx for your lovely car though.
  12. How many racing game platforms are u working on for car conversions Mclaren? Apart from NFS
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