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  1. I don't find Ford GT in US Cars Dealers :cry: I controlled All US Car Dealers (South West ecc..) in Hawaii and in Ibiza but there isn't... In Ibiza US Car Dealer list there is "Ford GT" but in car dealer there isn't... Help me :cry:
  2. Excuse me, but I haven't the brand Jeep in the Us Muscle tuning shop... how is it possible?
  3. Where is the Tuner Shop of Jeep? Sorry, but I don't find it
  4. you can do the hud of the porsche cayenne please???
  5. How to use camera hack? I opened hack room before the game and then I open the game, but pushing the buttons chosen by room hack does not move the view, but it only opens the radio. I have to touch any of the settings? Does anyone know how to fix this? thanks
  6. :p This mod is one of the best mod (for me)!!! Thank You!!!
  7. Great for Volvo but i don't like this audi.. This car is bad xDxD
  8. The HUD of this car don't work in my game. Where is the problem?? Thanks
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