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  1. yeah man, ill contact you if needed ;) next kit is nearly finished. just have to fix the frontbumper and a mysterious indicator bug. front and back are working, but the sides arent :/ this is one of the best i think :)
  2. getting forward people :) managed to get deep-dish te37s on the s13 with custom tire model :) also did a clean version soon ill release some kits ;)
  3. oh haha yeah, will fix that. next kit is almost done! i only say rocketbunny :happyroll: still have to do alot of fixes. but imo its just WOW :)
  4. got the permission to edit is250gren's s13. so here is the first of few. the bn-sports kit. :) next will be the rocketbunny bodykit, maybe a sileighty after that ;)
  5. OH MY GOD THIS IS GORGEOUS! i love it! :)
  6. wow, love it! but please could you do a second version? one with wider over fenders and a front lip? like this pls :D https://aclassblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/hakosuka_silver_01.jpg
  7. and? its a legend with twin turbo, 3.1l and triple carburators :D
  8. speaking about the s30, could you please make the devil-z? it would be a dream come true :D
  9. hey guys i need your help. i've spent my evening with trying coloring rims in tdu2. and i just managed to get them matte white :( ive tryed to put a 2db file with the color in it into the bnk file and putted it on the rim in zmod, but ingame it all goes crazy! for example, light blue goes orange, or the whole rim is just black, and always they are only matte! please, someone could explain me how to do it, especially for chrome and multicolored rims. please help me
  10. i said that you have to use the cambermod! ive set it like that so you can get a nice fitment with it. ill make another version without offset. and a special set of wheels will come soon (work equips)
  11. lol guys i drive my seat with 1.4l engine with around 9-10L/100km :D
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