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    Fantastic work. I appreciate your effort! Thank you. The island looks awesome and it's fun to drift there!
  1. It means that you can not get them in any dealership but after visiting a tuning shop. For example for Porsche GT1 you have to buy RUF (I dont remember which) and than go to tuner and GT1 will be waiting there
  2. Hey I havea question. I was using this tool to change performace of one of the car but sadly my computer freezed and I had to restart it (it happened less than a second after I pressed save button). Right now when I enter a game it crahses immediately and I can not enter vehicle slots (in tduf). I decided to check what problems are and clicked try fix with no success. My question is should I just use my bakcup files and start over changing cars specs or is there any solution how to fix this wihtout need to redo cahnging specs of almost every car?
  3. Hey, quick question. Which files refer to Aston Martin Vulcan? Changing those named Vulcan1 and Vulcan1_I.bnk do not have any effect in game
  4. Quick question. Is there any way to buy again Bugatti 57SC Atlantic? because I sold it accidentaly while trying to get rid of other vehicle. I treied with TDUF but with no success
  5. Thank you, that's incredibly good loking mod
  6. The only mod I have installed is TDU Platinum, to be honest it was the reason why I have reinstalled this game after a 2 years break
  7. Hello. I have a problem. My game crashes while I am driving through a particular part of the map. I will show this place on someone's video showing The Jaguar Classic race. A moment before 4th checkpoint my game crashes (1:05 on video). What can be an issue?
  8. After installing this mod I decided to start the game over and today I wanted to to Jaguar Classic race. Before reaching 4th checkpoint my game crashed. I restarted it and played agaian. Same situation,game crashed at the same moment. Does anyone know what can be a problem?
  9. I remember playing Midnight Club when I was younger. Cool times
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