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    260.000 km all over The Crew's america...and counting

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  1. new update dropping tomorrow. More videos with some of the new cars, the new events and a summitpreview on the channel.
  2. Aloha and hello, my name is Don. B. (also known as Donnie Brasco). Some may still know me from my active TDU2-times as a liverycreator and admin from the turboduck-partnerpage tdumods.com. My TDU2-"partner in crime" and fellow Cruiseanostra-member Luna introduced himself a couple of hours ago. Together we spend tons of hours in the game exploring, testing and doing silly stuff. Like him i am from germany and also 42 years old. Together we made "Lunas Big Island Tour" more than a bit "famous" amongst the TDU2-community - he as the inventor and organisator and me as the guy who was so crazy to drive this challenge over 250 times with each and every available car in the game. My resumee of TDU2-playtime and achievements probably equal his. He may have a bit more playtime, because after i switched to The Crew (2) i honestly never looked back (mainly because of the - today even more - strange physics in this game). Only once i booted up the game again in the spring of 2015, when i got my first wheel and i wanted to test it during a nice cruise on Oahu. Nevertheless TDU2 is the game that brought me back to gaming in 2011 after a 6 year hiatus from gaming. And thats why this game will always have a special place in my heart. If the guys from TDU World can make it happen to improve the physics to a good level the chance is great that i will play it more again in the future.
    I installed it but it doesn't install the TDU World Launcher.exe (?) Edit: Since i can't answer to the response somehow, i edit my post. I deleted the "Select TDU2 directory" while installing, but i don't have the TDU World Launcher.exe. I repeated that already 3 times. Edit2: I had to rename the uplauncher.exe into tdu world launcher.exe. Game starts so far. I will see how it works. Edit3: Looks like it works now.
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