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  1. thanks Elias, it will be part of the British Motor Pack (DB11/Bentayga/Dawn) Features: Roof Colour Two Tone Colour Rim Colour Side trim colour
  2. so high quality, these models look better in TDU2 than in FH3 :O sorry for poor quality pics, steam compressed them for some reason
  3. Yes you can rip sounds from other games... Nobody will care, unless the developers and owners of the sound come for you? My suggestion If you are developing sounds taken from another game and aren't releasing them, then that is ok! If you are developing sounds with intent to release them? So what, a lot of people take sound off youtube and other places for their sound mods. This is copyright infringement. Unless you start charging for these sounds then nobody will really care! You think EA will come down harshly on a bunch of TDU2 modders? TDU2 don't even care about the DLC (hacking for the free dlc).... Honestly, just do what you want to do and give credit for the owners or ask for permission
  4. why are you replacing it with the spyker, unless you believe everyone will just change the property values by itself it's a little silly no?
  5. If you read top two lines, I make my intentions quite clear. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You see, this is why I didn't release my VIP (not really VIP) models because of the hostile attitude towards the community. So I decide to come back maybe 2/3 years later and you still have the putrid attitude. Not you but the community as a whole. Shame really because I'm soon to release my own Dawn and DB11 mods in the next month or so.
  6. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay. - Habakkuk 2:3
  7. i bought it from the store on bond street lol... it's been worn a fair few times but i don't wear it often because it is white
  8. Twill Hooded Utility Jacket - Casual Jackets Jackets Outerwear - Ralph Lauren UK White 4 pocket utility jacket from ralph lauren for £700... took the hood off tho
  9. Thanks a lot Michael, Minime got to me first though but thank you anyway
  10. So removed TDU2 a long time ago. Reinstalling everything and now can't install 0.4 because it says its already installed but it isn't o_O
  11. Diablo, I'm not a forum snitch - I leave it to mods to clean up the mess. Their duty on this forum is to 'moderate' all subforums and forums they are assigned to. Which brings me to my next question: If moderates are inactive, they should be demoted or new moderates should be added to help promote the code of honour on the forums.
  12. So no response from the mods -- I'll guess I can start posting here if forum members are in agreence with me
  13. the admin and mods should take the pics down because: they don't allow me to put pictures of mods that won't be for release. so take them down or i should be able to put my mods in this thread double standards
  14. Based off Download Link: Gucci Sportivo Uni-Colour Gucci plain wrap
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