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  1. Convert from gran turismo sport REQUIRED Latest AC Custom Shader Patch https://acstuff.ru/patch/ Car sound & video clip by TripledSevens Physics by baker7498, dj_amur Special thanks to id-daemon, without him gran turismo converts would be impossible. https://sharemods.com/2psmefgrjly4/dd...
  2. Colin McRae Flat Out Pack Coming To DiRT Rally 2.0 The Colin McRae Flat Out Pack will be free for all Season owners. and will be available as a separate purchase for non-Season pass owners. All contents from the Colin McRae Flat Out Pack comes as a complete package and cannot be bought individually. DiRT Rally is available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For those who have not yet tried this awesome rally title, here is your chance! The digital version of DiRT Rally 2.0 is currently available on Steam for a special promo price of 16,49€. The DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition is available for 22,49€. Screens: Videos:
  3. Hello Having fun with my friends Assetto Corsa
  4. SIM Dashboard Version: for Android 4.0.3+ Update on: 2019-12-16 Big Update with a lot of new Widgets, Features and Bugfixes A few highlights: - Updated ETS2/ATS Map for Road to the Black Sea and Utah DLC - Widgets for Weather Info (for Games that support that info) - New Widgets for ETS2/ATS (Cargo Damage, Lamps, ...) - Drag Test Widgets (Acceleration Measurment) - Create custom Vector Icons Refer to the Changelog in the App for a complete list. PC Gamers: Update the PC App (Tick Get Beta Updates in the PC App until its on the Main Channel)! Download
  5. 2019 December Progress Report is here with work-in-progress screenshots of the rebuilt South City ! While road surfaces, barriers, building and various objects have been updated, more roads have been opened up and it will be possible to drive into the multistorey car parks. Two new short videos have been published as well (afternoon racing on Blackwood and night racing in South City). We can't wait ! More info: Progress report: Graphics Progress Report: South City Progress report discussion: December Progress Report: South City Side-by-side comparisons by Degats: Comparisons Videos:
  6. ABOUT THIS CONTENT Spintires - Chernobyl® is the ultimate eerie expansion for Spintires®! On 26 April 1986, a design flaw exposed during a safety test at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Northern Ukraine caused an explosion and fire that devastated the city of Pripyat and surrounding areas. An initial evacuation was ordered, evacuating approximately 116,000 people and an exclusion zone of 30 kilometres was put in place by the military. Some years later, unofficial explorers known as stalkers, stumbled across trucks entering the exclusion zone under the guise of salvaging tree’s killed in wildfires. The truth is, healthy pines are being felled in great numbers and are being sold across Europe. Spintires - Chernobyl® puts you in the hot seat of a Chernobyl logger furnished with brand-new vehicles, the B-157 and B-505. Equipped with a Geiger-counter, avoid the highly radiated areas and locate the logging sites without sustaining too much damage to your vehicle. Explore the eerie and painstakingly detailed Spintires® representation of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Pripyat, Red Forest, Kupsta Lake and the Duga Radar. Tackle the Chernobyl exclusive Steam Achievements and try to pinpoint the infamous “Claw of Chernobyl”. BONUS: A new Chernobyl inspired proving ground is also included, with a vehicle testing facility! Key features Chernobyl inspired map with a plethora of true-to-life representations of buildings, landmarks and roadside clutter. Brand-new vehicles, B-157 and B-505 with attachments and custom sounds. 3 exclusive Steam Achievements. Radiated areas that will cause damage to your vehicle if overexposed. Functioning Geiger-counter to help you avoid Radiated areas. BONUS: Chernobyl inspired proving ground with vehicle testing facility! Download link: SPINTIRES - CHERNOBYL® DLC 13 Dec, 2019
  7. Mortal Kombat 11 Shows First Joker Footage
  8. 90's Golden Drift Spot Project It's been two years since our first release, with all the amazing supports we raised fast. As we hit 6000 likes milestone on Facebook, we now release our extra project Ebisu Circuit - Touge course! Ebisu Circuit Everybody knows Ebisu Circuit, it's the drift heaven of the world. Located in Nihonmatsu city, Fukushima, Ebisu Circuit has been a leading circuit from late 90s, starting from grip, bike racing, to now drift focused. Each year tons and tons of people come to Ebisu to drift. And Touge course is the hardest course inside Ebisu Circuit, as name as it is, the course design was try to replicate the characteristic of touge. Tide width, up and down elevation, hairpins, road markings... ***CUSTOM SHADER PATCH BUILD 1.30 OR HIGHER REQUIRED*** KEEP DRIFTING FUN ! Download link: Ebisu Touge v1.0 Videos:
  9. Dear Racers, Thank you for your patience as it's been a long time since the July progress report. We aren't ready for a full progress report but thought we could say a few words and show you a few things. Eric has been continuing with South City. It's a long job and he has worked more on the roads than the buildings so far. At this point he would rather wait until more buildings are done before showing screen shots. I've been working on the sky darkness, automatic exposure and white balance that became necessary with the use of the realtime generated skies. The lighting is now separated into lights that are always on and others that only come on at night. I increased the possible intensity of lighting to allow floodlights to work. I worked on a system to allow us to use realistic camera exposure settings to allow comparisons with photographs from digital cameras. In a manual exposure mode I can now set the ISO, f-stop and shutter speed. It is interesting to see the massive variation in the brightness and therefore the exposure required for a night shot and a day shot. For example a shot taken in street lighting may require around 4000 times the exposure compared with a day shot. A more extreme example is the difference between moonlight and sunlight. The sun is 400 thousand times brighter than a full moon, yet our eyes can adapt to see quite well at those extremes. I haven't had to make LFS adapt so much but it does have to deal with bright sunlight down to typical street lighting scenes. There is more to be done and the lighting is far from perfect. Anyway I hope you like the attached screenshots and the youtube videos. Day to night transition at Blackwood: Day to night transition at Kyoto Ring: Screens:
  10. Updated October 7, 2019 Current Version - Changelog: New supported Game: GRID 2019 F1 2019: Added F2 2019 Driver Names, Fixed F2 2019 Tire Compound Indicator Improved LED Lights Added Brightness Effect for some LED Lights (can be disabled if desired) Lowered the minimum number of LEDs to One, so you can create single LEDs Added Single Lamp LED Mode to light up one/all LEDs at once Added a new LED Flare type called simply ON PC Users: Make sure to updated the PC Application as well
  11. Hello. I don't try this game yet but i play to much MK X and Injustice: Gods Among Us (also Injustice 2) They are probably the best fighting games you can find. MK XI will be good for me when developers will release all DLC characters Can't what to see Joker in MK XI My recommendation - Get it if you like to play fighting games with your friends
  12. If you ever interested about modding in LFS you definitely heard Driftmods.net ! So in Sep 12, Driftmods.net Administrator Endless fix some forum bugs and also move the server to the UK. Original post: After this update you have ability to see: old topics, posts and conversations
  13. Yes. Note: the ClubSport Wheel Base V1/V2, and CSL Elite Wheel Base V1/V1.1 are not fully supported by FanaLab.
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