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  1. That was 08/12/14 :) may i gently ask whether this update will ever appear? Thanks for reading, sorry for my english and have a nice day :)
  2. Hello! :) First of all: Thank You Speeder, lean and Milli for revive TDU! Tried it Yesterday and there are many cars in the streets! :) 50 People online! Awesome! But even if i saw ppl obvious racing around, i ask myself: How do they do that? Thats why im here, to ask that question. Theres no way to "Create" or play any Races with other players online. I can play the Solo stuff and drive around with other players but no racing at all. So... how do they do it? I miss something? Instant challenge is working :) but its limited to 5,5KM (?). Is there a way to remove this limitation to have at least a 2 player race? Or do ppl spawn at, lets say "Forza Tuner", and make a GPS at the "Lexus Store" and someone is horn 3 times and go...? I have no idea but would like to know that :) So please tell me: How do you guys (and girls) race around? Oh and please dont care about my english skills... thx :)
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