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  1. Greetings! This time I had my take on British Aston Martin V12 engines. It took A LOT of time (ask [email protected]_SHOTGUN :lol:) to make this one and after a few almost released versions, weeks of tweaking and remaking, it is finally here! In the future I'll make a few variations of this sound so it could be used for other Astons aswell (for e.g. DBS, V12 Vantage and so on). As usual - download it, re-do it, share and do whatever the hell you like with it! I hope you'll enjoy this brutal yet melodic British V12! Video preview: Download link: in the video description
  2. confusing, headlights and grille from clk and the rest of the body sl 65 amg black? interesting combo
  3. hi! i see you have some issues just like i did, but i guess its normal for a first mod so no worries! first of all try shortening you samples. its important to remember to keep them the same length as originals if you want to get a perfect loop (i usually make them just a little shorter than originals). as for setting tones for different rpm's you have to keep in mind that tdu takes a sample and then stretches and contracts it while using it for a set for rpm's. so for e.g. if you make a sound for 3000rpm, tdu will use it as 2000rpm and 4000epm also (rpms depend on a different vehicles sound properties, im giving these numbers solely just an example). good luck with your future mods and if you need any help you can always pm me :)
  4. evil! :twisted: i think nfshp (2010) has an M6, so theres a possible sound source and that means... hehehe, cant wait for this release!
  5. somtra.ru so I guess the best paintjob will be either chrome red or chrome golden hehe, looks great!
  6. I'm glad you liked it! Do you have any suggestions? Maybe sound itself is a little to "hardcore"? Let me know what you think :)
  7. Hi there, I present to you my second attempt at sound modding :nuts: this one took me some time, as I had to figure out how to properly capture all the details that define vette's v8 rumble. Actually I spent more time thinking and rethinking different techniques rather than recording and making an actual sound :lol: therefore I think results are pretty good! As usual - download it, re-do it, share and do whatever the hell you like with it! I hope you'll enjoy this rumbling V8! Video preview: youtube.com/watch?v=MgWTiww8XFs&feature=youtu.be Download link: in the video description
  8. thank you guys! I've wrote messages to both of them modders, hope to get a reply soon. whilst waiting I already preparing some changes to a sound, in my opinion the "onhigh" sound goes up a little too much and at the top it sounds cartoonish so im repairing that first, then I will raise the volume on all of the "off" samples. but before any of that I must wait for reply from acevt06 or polloxdabollox :) if you have some other issues to point out, please, dont be shy!
  9. Hello there, After a long time scratching my head, messing around with different softwares, editing and re-editing, receiving help from acevt06 (big shout out to you my man!) I can finally present to you my finished mod! Please download it, re-edit if you don't like it, share and basically do whatever you like with it ;) I don't need any money or fame, in return I just would like to get a link to some proper physics and hud for this car so I could enjoy it even more. Thank you and enjoy this screaming V10! Video preview: youtube.com/watch?v=QSHFKnYIyc8&feature=youtu.be Download link: in the video description btw if any of you moderators could edit subtitle for this thread, please write "Final Version", thanks!
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