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  1. Salut !

    1. kmix-rider


      Voici un exemple de fichiers ULTRA interressant à découvrir puisqu'ils contiennent les infos des entités présents dans les cardeal, les intros, etc...

      ça pourrait donner de bons mods non ?









  2. Deji do u have a magic map working link becouse i cant find one?
  3. Djey

    Djey: TDUF Toolset [1.12]

    Since you can‘t add new brand logos, you must take an existing one as you say. To rename brand name, change name resource in brands topic (better to add and use new resource - don't rename resource value). Even better, you could add a new brands item by cloning gillet brand item and using new resource values on it. To change a logo, you have to modify texture files (logo brands 2db) with tdumt and a picture editor.
  4. Djey

    Djey: TDUF Toolset [1.12]

    follow modding tutorials around there, most car physics settings are explained. Otherwise make values by yourself and learn effects ;) kinda fun! Je n'ai rien abandonné sur TDU2, j'ai fait juste ce qui était nécessaire pour permettre de modifier les fichiers. D'autres tool makers ont très bien pris le relais et c'est parfait comme cela. Pas mal pour un jeu aussi moyen non?
  5. Hey Djey, i need your help, the server, have admins? this server is fully infected by hacker, and is too annoying
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    2. LonelyDarknesss


      Welp, im waiting to any can revive the tdu2 server, any can? and have Hope for this
    3. Djey


      Doable in my opinion, by the guys who made tdu1 server. But they would need capture of online game protocol as somebody did. I'm afraid there isn't for tdu2.
    4. LonelyDarknesss


      yeah, welp, i need waiting
  6. Djey

    Djey: TDUF Toolset [1.12]

    Here you are: djey47/tdu-cp Enjoy reading! Other topics will help you for sure.
  7. Djey

    [HELP] How to open .xml file ?

    No problem, just giving info :D
  8. Djey

    [HELP] How to open .xml file ?

    Traffic changes were optional in Patch 1.68b, but enabling them was causing unconsistent/buggy traffic in online. So I decided not to include this feature in 2.00A.
  9. Djey

    [HELP] How to open .xml file ?

    Some important game files are protected with encryption. AIConfig.xml must be converted to readable format (and converted back when changed) with tools like tdudec : Luigi Auriemma When readable, should be opened with good text/XML editor.
  10. Andre

    hi there djey, i have been having some problems with my game, if you have any time id like to ask for your help only if you have the time
  11. Hi, here are some OAHUCARS's team classics reuploaded Important note: those are rather old mods and could not cope very well with latest TDU installs and mods. Make backups please! For more information (screens, credits, etc.), I recommend to refer to original threads in the forum... CARS (10+) - BUGATTI Type 57 SC Atlantic v1.2 by 2CVSUPERGT Released - 2CV SUPER GT : Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic [1.1] Download Bugatti Type Atlantic - CITROEN SM COLLECTION v2.2 by 2CVSUPERGT Released - Citroen sm 2.7 (eu) 1.0 Download Citro Collection - CITROEN XM 3.0 V6 24v Released - 2CV SUPER GT: Citroën XM 3.0 V6 24v [V1.2] V1.1 available only for now ... Download Citroen 24V - DE TOMASO Vallelunga v1.1 by 2CVSUPERGT Released - 2CV SUPER GT : DETOMASO VALLELUNGA "COMPETIZIONE" v1.0 Download Tomaso Vallelunga (ADDON!) NEW PHYSICS AND PERFORMANCE PACKS by JPTH: Released - 2CVSUPERGT 1965 De Tomaso Vallelunga Competizione physics + performance packs - FACEL VEGA Facel II v1.3-fix by XIORXORN and 2CVSUPERGT Released - 2CV SUPER GT : FACEL VEGA FACEL II - v1.2 Download Facel Vega Facel fix - FERRARI 250 TR by XIORXORN and 2CVSUPERGT Released - 2cv super gt : Ferrari 250 testa rossa Download Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa - FERRARI 365 GT COLLECTION by XIORXORN and 2CVSUPERGT Released - 2CV SUPER GT : FERRARI DAYTONA 72 COUPE & SPYDER [v2.2] Download Ferrari 365 Collection (ADDON!) NEW PHYSICS AND PERFORMANCE PACKS by JPTH: Released - 2CVSUPERGT 1968 Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona physics + performance packs - RENAULT 11 Turbo '83 Released - Renault 11 Turbo '83 1.0 Download Renault Turbo - RENAULT LAGUNA 3.0 V6 24v 2CV SUPER GT: Renault laguna 3.0 V6 24v [V1.1] Link TBD BIKES (1) - SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 K9 by DC300m02, 2CVSUPERGT and ROLLINGTHEBOY Released - DC300m02: NEW !!!Suzuki GSXR 1000 2009 V1.1 NEW!! Download GSXR 1000 zip TOOLS (4) - PATCH 1.68b by 2CVSUPERGT and DJEY TDU Community PATCH 1.68B Download Patch 68b zip - PATCH 1975 v0.3 by 2CVSUPERGT Released - Wip: 2cv super gt: Patch 1975 Download Patch 1975 - PATCH HD v1.0 by 2CVSUPERGT Released - Patch HD v1.0 Download Patch - TrackPack v1.0 by 2CVSUPERGT Released - 2cv super gt : New tracks online !!! Download 2CV SUPER Track Pack Enjoy !
  12. Hi, do you know of anyone who has the files for some of 2CVSuperGt's mods? Just I can't seem to find working links at all.
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    2. trevling


      Thanks for the response! I look forward to it. :D
    3. Djey


      Here you go in the meantime. Enjoy ! http://bit.ly/2PJCXaT
    4. trevling


      Thankyou so much ! Also saw your post, you hero. :D
  13. Hi, site loading speed is as fast as before if you ask me. Was great already :)
  14. Djey

    Tutorial: How add new car on TDU

    Hi, TDU is not modding friendly, but it is doable for sure and many people could do it with this tuto. I can understand it's rather difficult though; in that case, prefer using Community Megapack to get additional vehicles preinstalled.