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  1. I don't think so. Download all 3 files first, then extract only .zip file, it will handle all parts automatically.
  2. No worries, btw I'm sure @Milli will upgrade TDUF in next Platinum update!
  3. A search filter has been added in latest version (1.13)
  4. Djey


    Out of curiosity, which feature do you need in ultra pack which is not in Platinum ?
  5. Djey

    TDUF Error

    TDUF version? Logs ? https://github.com/djey47/tduf/wiki/Troubleshooting-Editor
  6. Hi, something might prevent you from connecting to community server (hosted in France by OVH provider). Check any antivirus/firewall/endpoint protection you may have in active state.
  7. Maybe you can try recalibrating the controller, wrong calibration will make the game think some axis are still in use. Otherwise, if it is possible, disable rogue analog axis in DS4 settings (I can't quite remember, used DS3 ages ago).
  8. Did you enable bigbnk feature in Project Paradise launcher ? Some cars won't ever load without it.
  9. Great job, thanks! Added link to this article in Tools reference: https://github.com/djey47/tdu-cp/wiki/Tools-reference
  10. Indeed, key mappings are stored in a different file that is commondt.
  11. Same for a friend yesterday, who went for a new install and a new profile... it did only once at the beginning. Restarting program solved it. Very weird...
  12. Hi, your issue is now you're using genuine TDUF install, whereas Milli most probably is providing a "patched" TDUF with some custom camera list (genuine TDUF has default cameras list). A solution might be @Milli provides TDU Platinum's cameras.json to replace the one in TDUF jar manually - or updates TDUF for Platinum
  13. Tdumt2 (mini bnk) allows adding files. That might work somehow in TDU 1 mode as well...
  14. The game only changes vehicle availability with the time. Vehicle locations are set in database and there's no such thing as a randomizer. For that it would be necessary to develop a modding tool.
  15. Djey

    G29 not working

    I ran out of ideas... Sorry! Sometimes the game refuses to launch. Trying again solves the issue. Just tdu-esque behaviour ...
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