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  2. Just wondering why you'd need to remove some cars. Although that is technically possible, it's a complicated task which demands to remove any reference to the said cars in every part of the database... or prepare to apocalypse Just replacing car files and editing vehicle specs is a safer way to get different vehicles. And about other parts of the database, only the mod pack creator has the full knowledge of all references. Tools haven't been made for this kind of tasks. I mean, the tools source code is available, but someone knowing how to code has to lean 'a bit' towards it before handling such edge cases.
  3. Pp has no development activity for ages. Just be happy this beta is still fueling the free ride up
  4. Hey you're still active??! Dude let me tell you I've been playing since 2006 and TDU 2 in my books has absolutely nothing on TDU with Platinum Mod. That said, I'm currently stuck with Megepack 1.66+ with Island Paradise mod... Truly nothing to complain about but TDU Platinum is better hands down. I can't find a 1.68b download that isn't a dead end or I'd be running that. A) could you help me out? B) sincerely, you made the best game ever even better man. No I'm not forgetting you work with a team. Every compliment to you extends directly to them too.

    1. Djey


      Hello, thanks.

      I'm not active anymore, in particular I'm not modding nor playing TDU/TDU2. Just here to help when I can.

      If you need patch 1.68, there's a link down here:


      But as I understand you're running platinum or not?! If that's the case platinum is built on top of 1.68 so there's no need to.

    2. ViperGTS


      I have a data limitation currently that precludes me from downloading Platinum. I have the Island Paradise 0.9.5 mod without the Autumn and Winter Add-ons. Completely revitalised the environment appearance from the standard game. I also have real water mod for enhanced visual effect. I'm running a sort of hybrid with Hawaiian Bliss 1.0 so there are improvement to a ton of textures, though I'm not having the awesome day night cycle in favour of a clearer environment. I installed 1.68b now, but it doesn't show up in the splash screen. Nonetheless, hopefully my invisible traffic issues will be gone now.

  5. Platinum includes paradise anyway. But you may just use Paradise to see if the 'vsync' launcher setting works for you.
  6. Nope, 1.68b and 2.00 won't bring anything to this matter. Project paradise does and enables online mode. I guess you're using a wrong no cd crack btw. Use the same as TDU Platinum's if you wanna keep a genuine experience.
  7. One would be better rewrite PC clubs from almost scratch, imo. A GameSpy emulator is required btw, since service is gone.
  8. Hi, make sure the game is running with dedicated graphics instead of integrated intel/AMD chip first. Did you try to force vsync in project paradise launcher? and in intel/AMD control panel?
  9. Some people have been reporting the dgvoodoo2 wrapper does solve map crash issues as well, but settings have to be tweaked to eliminate artifacts.
  10. I think you've not clicked the right link, I've reuploaded all mods from a same article and in sharemods. Link is working. Again check post just before yours...
  11. Please read posts just above yours...
  12. Support is not clunky imo, it might be basic but it works actually. Anyway it's tied to game engine so I seriously doubt anyone would work on it. Moreover there are much more interesting things to mod on in TDU, so trying to get better gamepad support would not be a priority. If you wanna enjoy the game a little bit more, you should buy a used wheel as G25/G27.
  13. What? Xbox pads are well supported in TDU1 on PC. Check your Windows install and updates, because something is not properly configured I guess... Most Troll-esque post of 2022, thanks for the laugh. Have fun!
  14. Afaik you can display the game key in steam game properties, can't you?
  15. TDU (project paradise) may require you to connect via VPN for online profile creation. Depending on your location. Not needed afterwards.
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