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  1. Hi, friends and player search features are not back yet in TDU World. To ride with your friend, just sync in a shop then exit to free roam. You'll be together eventually (may need many tries to achieve that).
  2. Salut active la synchronisation verticale dans le launcher. Merci de demander en anglais ici --- Just enable VSync in Project Paradise launcher
  3. Hey, currently universal launcher is causing issues with TduWorld, mainly because of the nat status which should be saved correctly in the Windows registry. For now use of universal launcher is strongly discouraged for people wanting to play online. This works, but has a bad effect on session handling. If you'll want to improve your launcher, I advise you to keep in touch with TduWorld Devs. Thanks.
  4. There's no universal launcher for TDU, would this be project paradise launcher? there's an option to run game windowed. That would be worth the try. If game is TDU2, alt+enter keyboard shortcut switches to windowed mode.
  5. Theorically, TDU server is only a binary and a small database, which could be deployed again when the hosting is back online. Concerning backups, it may or may not be available, depending on the chosen price plan (OVH offering backup as an option). Of course, it may be required to sign up again. Thing is not complicated for TDU as there's no key check and such (and @leanor @Speeder might have implemented some kind of backup by their own means ?!). Anyway just take it with a grain of salt, that how I think it is, I've never been into project paradise
  6. No need to, TDUW will have its own vehicle pack. It's currently in testing phase.
  7. Hi, seriously, solutions were given the post just above yours. Did you try them at least ?
  8. Hi, you said you've put Euro folder back to initial directory after unpack. But I assume the BIG files are still there ? That would explain why the game does not take unpacked files into account. Unpacker creates a dedicated TDU2 install with all required files copied automatically from the original folder. I always ran TDU2 from the unpacked folder afterwards. Just keep the original directory as a backup (you may zip it).
  9. If modding TDU2 files, one should use TDUMT2, the first won't work.
  10. Tdu world does not provide any vehicle mods at the moment. Only server mod. Are you using UP 0.4 or any autopack for instance?
  11. And that's intended. When looking at TDUWorld release notes, you'll see that clubs are not supported. Yet. Now even when creating clubs with correct words you'll just end up loosing game money which won't ever be returned.
  12. Hi, that's not a subject related to TDU Modding tools. Creator of TDUPE left the scene awhile ago so there's no support unless someone kind and experienced answers. Personally, I've only issues when using this tool, that has not been designed to work well with new packs as platinum. To solve your issue you should apply database backup you've made for sure before making any changes. Otherwise replace euro BNK database folder with the one in latest platinum update. In the future, consider using more recent tool as TDUF. Not willing to promote my work in any way, but it tends to be
  13. Usage of edited savegames or trainers will likely make you banned eventually Indeed although that works win a way, there's no guarantee it will be compatible with future updates of TDUWorld and team won't bring any support That's maybe because TDUWorld is compatible with UP 0.4 vehicles for now. When free ride will be more stable, next updates will bring own vehicle pack. Anyway nothing prevents you from file swapping locally as that does not make any impact on online experience.
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