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  1. If TDUPE does not work try using TDUF and edit details in datasheet section of the car physics data topic.
  2. XMB editing is still at research state, given that this format is maybe the most complex to be reverse engineered without any source code. Let's stay tuned to TDU World mod pack progress which might bring interesting tools after release. In the meantime, as said just before your best luck is to fiddle with cam hacks...
  3. Worth mentioning gear ratios can be changed from TDUMT as well... That has been 10 years from now.
  4. Sorry to tell that, but TrackPack was only working on top of multiplayer Races. Project paradize not supporting multiplayer events other than free ride, that is a dead box.
  5. Platinum has a compatible TDUPE version embedded I guess, which has been specially modified for that case. You should have look at Platinum files. An alternative is TDUF database editor, which is more advanced and allows to change more things than only vehicle physics. But with great power come great responsibilities
  6. Which graphics card do you have?
  7. Which OS, using Bluetooth? Working for other games? Windows 10 + Bluetooth working out of the box here. Just go to settings with the mouse and try assigning buttons first. Axes require sticks to be pushed awhile to be registered. Do not activate any button while waiting for dead zone.
  8. Impressive... This mod thread went to a very detailed tutorial with simple but wise advices.. It would be great to have all this info pinned somewhere...
  9. Of course it is with TDUF. All you have to do is using a custom value (called resource) for Car_realname or (Model_Name + Version_Name). These fields are in Datasheet tab. Creating resource is rather straighforward: click ... button on the right then either select an existing value or create your own.
  10. Because TDU modders are morons probably. ?? Jokes apart, what's this question meaning? Do you believe anyone will give you an answer? Or is this just rethoric ? lol. You seem to have the answer and good knowledge on it so let's go and contribute to the effort instead of being condescending. I was just expressing my opinion, anyway why would I want perfect physics for a totally assumed arcade-y game with weird hardcore physics?
  11. There's no such a setting in TDU. Your best luck is to trick with vehicle 3d models in zmodeler2. Maybe when rotating wheel dummys you could achieve camber. But even with this, that would be only visual modification with no effet on physics at all. Plus potential visual glitches. Personally, I would not touch this, modified cambers are hideous. But if some do like it...
  12. People modding right here do their best regarding the free time they get. That could be even better, but hey already better than nothing. I would never expect this game could be as easily modded/moddable as GTA for example. Some games have a bright modding future, some haven't such, there are lots of reasons for that. At the end of the day, instead of complaining about others not doing enough given the game potential, some people should be more helpful and start contributing. It's never to late....
  13. Can't remember what happens when adding more traffic slots... @Milli might have tested it ?!
  14. Yes, that is needed particularly when TDU is installed at default location (program files). This path is 'protected' against malicious changes thus admin righs are required.
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