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  1. Hi Binbow,

    Just wanting to know if you'd kindly share xmb format specifications that you're using for the SVR and VPE tools (as it appears db data is xmb as well

    Guys from TDU World project would like to be able to read all xmb files (mainly to make online up again) so I'm trying to write a generic xmb file parser.

    Thanks in advance


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    2. Djey


      hey, that's right. The offsets would help (as a starting point) to understand how the entry layout is made. TDU1 database was made of csv files, making it a lot easier to understand. 

      This way I hope to provide a way to add/remove items in the database, not only replacing their values.

      Do you have at least any known offsets to provide me, for the same setting over 2 vehicle slots, (e.g price) ?


    3. binbow



      Well then, I'll get the data sorted out and upload it somewhere.
      Since my computer is not working properly now and needs to be maintenance, it will take a bit of time to upload, so please be patient.

    4. Djey


      No worries take your time

  2. TDU has never worked well when trying to join people from the map. All that we could do is all going to a "calm" place (far from the city), wait for people to appear, then lock. But even with this you'll experience hard times with your friends... Btw, going to map puts you out of the session everytime. Bad coding. lol That's not something which could be fixed from the server sadly.
  3. TDU GOLD is a version where database files have been modified by morons. Eastern languages have been added by replacing existing languages and messing up packed files names. No wonder some are experiencing crashes/incompatibility. Besides TDU GOLD has the megapack included already (?!). I suggest using official western version + megapack as base.
  4. Thanks. A sound preview would be nice though I guess people will not spend time downloading, replacing files etc without knowing if it suits their needs.
  5. Yep, I've got discord but not so many free time to vocal, as most of my time already discussing remotely with my team mates @ job. I could interact with text messages however and join chat when I can. Is this discord you're talking about ? https://discord.gg/TX2QDB6 See you! Edit: now solved and joining
  6. Patch HD acts on the level of details at a distance, and complexity of the vegetation. Not sure about it, but a mode of patch HD might be already embedded in Platinum, so HDU mode benefits could be even fewer than expected. Concerning GPU ram usage, specs given at the time were not accurate, for sure the game would not require so much memory. 1536MB is huge for such an old game. However, during testing it seemed HDU profile would make game crashing on mid range configurations and get better stability in high end cards. It was 10 years ago, and hiperf range configurations did have more tha
  7. My knowledge in terms of server development is very weak... but I think I could help with reverse engineering game files at some point, so try asking me. Always keeping on reverse enginering TDU and improving my current tools, I might apply some of my skills to TDU2 as well. Anyway good luck with it! There's no reason people did make it for TDU1, thus for TDU2 a server will come out one day I'm sure.
  8. Yes, TDUF still requires Java jre 8 to 10 installed. Even in 2.0. It's possible to download a jre package I've built specially for TDUF, which will need to be extracted into a particular directory in the tools. This way you would not have to let Java install itself into your system if you don't have/want to. Considering changes made to Java and time required to adapt the project to Java 11+, it will be necessary to stick to previous versions so that TDUF continues to run. TDUF.next will be without Java but thus require another runtime that could be integrated. .net is the only s
  9. More themes are on their way and not only dark ones As I said customisation will always be possible with own crafted CSS files.
  10. Wow, what a clever response from your part, and you dare using word ass hole in my direction ? I try to be honest at least and did not have any issue for years with anyone ... until you! I fell like havng wasted my time trying to provide any kind of explanation to someone like you. Anyway thanks for the upload and the kind words. Now I'm crying. Happy? Make 1% of the effort I've put for this community and we'll talk again. Maybe. Oh, and please avoid insulting people who try their best to consider others... world is not as huge as you think. Maybe one day you might need help
  11. Hi, sharemods is not worse than any other free dl hosting site. It has the advantage to provide better rate than some rapid gator like, which is welcome for bigger files. Generally it is not an issue when using Adblock extension or similar. What people do on sharemods (eg theft to make money on dls) is not my issue. The small amount of money I get there is less than nothing and allows me to buy a beer from time to time... Anyway I could host the files here as well, of course. Maybe I will in the coming days.
  12. TDUF is also slowly evolving with a dark theme I could not make a 2.0 release without cosmetical changes, what do you think? Anyway It will always be possible to change it by putting a css file in the jar. Will explain it later. And material (read only) support is almost done, btw!
  13. Nope sadly. "New" game introduced was blood bowl 3 if I'm not mistaken. But the most interesting was WRC9 gameplay trailer with Alain and we could imagine some of features of the engine be ported to TDUSC. We'll have to wait a while, still...
  14. @Minime891 there are 500+ materials in this file, covering interior, exterior and calipers. Maybe one day it will be possible to have color materials in the vehicle 2dm file as well... Adding materials in this kind of file is rather tricky. Btw, many thanks also go to @Speeder for creating texture editor in TDUWE!
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