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  1. Ok, so I try to run another game (Darksiders on STEAM) and encounter the same problem. There is no save folder created in My Documents. In this case the game doesn't freeze as in TDU2, but everytime I start the game, I have to start from scratch. SO... as this problem occure twice, I'm thinking that MAYBE, the problem doesn't come from TDU2 (or Darksiders) but from Windows 10. I can tell you that as both of those games works fine on my old laptop running on Windows Vista. What do you guys think?
  2. It's a STEAM version. I did not mention it but I try to reinstall the game several times with and without the unofficial patch 0.4, the problem still remaine. Any ideas?!?
  3. Hello everyone! So as you can see I have an issue with TDU2 when buying the first car. The game doesn’t technically freeze as I can still press esc and access to all menus. Price of the car and ownership indicate that the car has been sold. However the game can’t continue because it’s stuck on the saving process. I look at the My Documents folder and nothing is created (no Eden Game/Test Drive Unlimited 2/savegame/…). I did install the game on the D: drive, however the problem still remain when I install it on the C: drive. So I’ve tried to figure out the problem on many forums but I can’t find any satisfying solutions. However I did find someone who had the same problem as mine, saying it was a saving problem. He just told to creat a folder on My Documents/Eden game/Test Drive Unlimited 2/savegame/Profile… But his solution didn’t work (or I did something wrong?). Does someone has a clue to my problem? Thanks a lot for your answer! My specs: Alienware x51 R3 Windows 10 familial edition x64 Intel core i7 6700K Nvidia GTX 960 16 Gb RAM
  4. Just a little question here... To you think that The Crew is better than TDU2? I mean, is there as much cars as TDU2 has? Because I do have an issue with TDU2 and can't get over with, so maybe another game like that one would be fine. By the way, those screenshots are really eyecandy! :eek:
  5. Hey guys, I think I can mannage to find old shots (mine of course) from Gran Turismo 4, wanna see?!?
  6. Nice car mate! Seems like a lot of people owns MX-5 They must be great to drive.
  7. That car :drool:... one day she'll be mine [ATTACH]24970[/ATTACH]
  8. Maybe you could show us a picture without the Eibach springs, so we can spot the diferrence. Nice car anyway! Ho and Calster17, thanks! but you h'aven't seen the rear, the roll bar is soooooo nice.
  9. Yes of course because it is!! It's a small 2 seater, nothing more.
  10. Thank you guys! You are neat!! Of course I will take any advice you show me.
  11. Wow guys that some hell of collection... Well I'll try to list in cronological order: __ATARI 2600: 20+ games -Berserk -E.T. -Super Breakout -Night Driving -Circus circus -Frogger -Pac-Man ... __ATARI 520 ST f : 50+ games -Chase HQ -Test Drive 1 -Crazy cars 1&2 -Hunter -Battle of Britain -STAR WARS GAMES -Falcon ... __GAMEBOY COLOR : 20+ games -Spider-man -Batman -Rainbow Six -Jurassic Park ... __PLAYSTATION 2 : 60+ games -Okami -ICO -Shadow of the Colossus -Ace Combat 5&6 -Gran Turismo 4 -Star Wars Jedi Starfighters -Star Wars Bounty Hunter -Star Wars The Force Unleashed -Oni -Viewtiful Joe 1&2 ... And for PC this is the interesting part: __In the 90's: -X-Wing -Tie Fighter -X-Wing Alliance -X-Wing vs Tie Fighter -Chuck Yeager Air Combat -USNF Gold -Viper Racing -Grand Prix Legends -Grand Prix 2 -Alien vs Predator -Outlaw -Doom 1&2 ... __In the 2000's : -Doom 3 -Lock On -GTR 1&2 -GT Legend -Il2 Sturmovik 1946 -FEAR -Starship Troopers -Chaser __In the 2010's: -Alice Madness Return -Darksiders 1&2 -Absolute Drift -Distance -Left for Dead 2 -Aliens vs Predator 3 -HomeWorld remastered collection -Flight Simulator Steam Edition ... The list is incomplete of course but to be honest, listing a whole life of gaming would be waaaaaay too long!
  12. [ATTACH]24960[/ATTACH]There you go! My sweet loving Opel Tigra :cool:
  13. Haha Naaaa I think I'm going to save yourself from that:cool: Well after spend many, many, MANY, years playing video games, it's the first time I actually suscribe to your hell! So of course I will spend some times here showing around
  14. Hi everybody!! I did receive an inmail asking to introduce myself... So I think I'm going to start with the beginning: I was born in France on the ** Febuary of 19**. I first live near Paris until I was 5, then I moved to the French riviera where I...blablabla bla blablabla... Seriously?!? did you really think that I was going to reveal ALL my life?!?:eek: Well to be more precise, I am a PC gamer, my favorit games are generaly simulations like Flight Simulator but in this case racing simulation. I first began with Grand Prix 2, then Grand Prix Legends. I also did Viper Racing, but I am right now on GTR2 and I still playing it. BUT, from times to times I also like to play less technical games like need for speed and TDU2. I'm really looking forward to see some of you on the games I own. Let's talk to each other and see you in games!! Peace
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