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  1. Sorry for the late answer. I already tried tdudec. But that doesn't work for TDU 2 saves. the file it decrypts still looks like "jibberish" in notepad++..
  2. The goal is to be able to bypass some things and yes, roads is one of those things. Forums / Modifications and Tools / Mod that removes tuning discovery level requirement? - TDU2 Car Mods and Texmod Tutorial - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Forum That's one thread that i opened about it. I wanna take a look at the save file to see the structure it has.
  3. Well.. decrypting the save files, be able to look at the code to see what's going on etc.
  4. So no one has has been able to do this? :o
  5. I've watched some youtube videos about save editors but that only seems to work with the console versions. Any tool available for PC? Thanks!