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  1. Free

    TDU1 - New Hawaii - ULTRA HD 4K Retexture (Gift from "Test Drive Unlimited 2 RS Project")

    Ретекстур для игры Test Drive Unlimited
    Качество текстур мира игры улучшено в 6-8 раз по сравнению с оригиналом. Все текстуры и дизайн делались с нуля. 
    После установки мода, возможен выбор между - HiRes версией и LowRes. Ориентируйтесь на производительность вашего оборудования!
    Посмотреть скриншоты обоих версий можно тут - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wF38OQ4Pm_KB0eN6-Ud972tN0i3LXKIE
    Установка - читайте в ридми в папке на Гугл-диске, рядом с архивом мода! ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО!
    Обзорное Видео в 4К:
    Retexture for the game Test Drive Unlimited
    The texture quality of the game world has been improved by 6-8 times compared to the original. All textures and design were made from scratch.
    After installing the mod, you can choose between - HiRes version and LowRes. Focus on the performance of your equipment!
    You can see screenshots of both versions here - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wF38OQ4Pm_KB0eN6-Ud972tN0i3LXKIE
    Installation - read the readme in the folder on Google Drive, next to the mod archive! NECESSARILY!

    Google translator (с)


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  2. Free

    TDU2-RS Radio Mod ver.1.1

    The modification replaces the radio tracks in the game.
    Reworked both radios.
    Music files are encoded into the correct format to reduce the load on the game.
    Tracks used in "Hariba Radio" can be listened to here - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vw3SC2vBbHdI6U_Qu5i3tSqYCYrajyFE?usp=sharing
    Tracks used in "RoadRock Radio" can be listened to here - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NuVW5cclA0KDowNAnuqOuXuccI1KtaLq?usp=sharing
    - Unzip the archive and place the Euro folder in the root folder of the game.
    Have a good trip!
    Translated from Russian Google translator.


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  3. Free

    TDU2 Game Configurator

    This configurator allows you to change and configure the game settings that are in the game files and are not available in the menu.
    The configurator and the accompanying programs are suitable for the latest official build of the TDU2 game, as well as any amateur build on this version of the game.
    In addition to the ability to configure base game files, the configurator contains some additions to the game, such as:
    - Camera Hack - allows you to adjust the position of the camera in the game online.
    - SweetFX 2.0 - customizer for some aspects of the game graphics.
    - ReShade 4.3.0 - a more powerful (and resource-intensive) customizer for some aspects of the game's graphics.
    - 4Gb Patch - Allows the game to use more RAM.
    - CPU Control - allows the game to run on all or only selected processor cores.
    Read more in the readme in the configurator archive!
    Configurator installation:
    1. Unpack the archive and put the "! TDU2-RS Game Configurator" folder in the root folder of the game.
    2. Readme MANDATORY! All the configurator's features are described there. So far, readme is only in Russian. If there is anyone who wants to translate the readme into English, then I will only gladly accept your help!
    3. Later, I will create a topic in which I will show everything in the video tutorials.
    Google translator


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  4. Free

    TDU2-RS Graphic Mod

    Graphic part of the global modification TDU2-RS.
    - Changed global textures of the islands of Ibiza and Hawaii.
    - Replaced all flora of both islands.
    - Replaced all road textures. Well, more precisely, not replaced, but improved.
    - Reconfigured grass height.
    - Requires unpacked version of TDU2!
    - Unpack the archive.
    - Put the Euro folder in the root folder of the game with the replacement of files.
    Mod VERY greatly increases the load on the computer! Competently calculate the strength of your technique!
    More screenshots here - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11WAX9G-YzbEQJEEtCAZoD3zQt3ruHknw?usp=sharing
    The attached screenshots of the mod are made with the installed packages of maximum graphics and ReShade 4.3.0
    Both TDU2 configurator and this mod are parts of one global game, so it is advisable to use them together to get the maximum result!
    Link to TDU2 configurator page - 


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