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  1. Just yesterday I uploaded several radio options for the game. Maybe someone will like it ...))) https://sites.google.com/view/addons-for-tdu2-rs There are files to view the content of the radio. The file names are game and do not correspond to the content.
  2. And I have another problem ... I cannot find a setting in the offline game configs to force bots to accept bets over $ 2000. My game is very large and there are a lot of cars in it. I want to get them all, like all the houses and in general everything that is in the game. Making money on multiple replays of cup races is boring for me! And I would like to make money on street racing. The bets themselves can be set from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000, but bots are ready to accept only $ 2,000 maximum. So the question arises - how to teach them to take big bets. ))) At the same time, I try to play in th
  3. @Thibault Carre, Try to create a file in the sound folder - 599_gtb_stickers_high.bnk (copy 458_italia_high). More precisely, replace it. This is the name of the 3D model of the Ferrari 458 Spyder.
  4. I solved this problem by loading the full profile (.bin) Of another car. Immediately after loading, we change the data and only then apply it. Everything, the car is separated from the parent. Now you can tune the car for a long and tedious time without dancing with a tambourine.
  5. I agree. Quite recently I was asked a question - Why is that? It turned out that the matter is precisely in the installed edited camera file of one of the copied car models into the game ... Moreover, I believe that the camera hack solves absolutely all problems with cameras in the game! And even with external cameras. You can make beautiful screenshots from different distances from the car.
  6. Ёк-Макарёк! Ну научись же уже обходить эти запреты! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gpswy5uV6_1-c9uyrCmNdTwR6rUX0rMk/view?usp=sharing
  7. How are the experiments going? I also just bought it myself in my game ... And I rode a little ... I took the machine config from here - https://www.supercars.net/blog/2001-ruf-911-rturbo/ Correctly. So it should be with them! The best virus protection is a smart gasket between the monitor and the chair! As well as the most important part in a car - the gasket between the steering wheel and the seat! Although, this is not so often the case ...
  8. @flipywap , most likely antiviruses swear at the "CAMERA_HACK.exe" program file! Well, of course, as soon as these pseudo-antiviruses see a program that can intercept a signal from a game, they immediately call it a virus! Antiviruses don't have enough intelligence for more! Don't worry, there are no viruses there!
  9. Here, try ... I added Enzo there ... In the test base, import these settings into the appropriate machines. ImportExport.rar Here, I shot another short video about the car's steering.
  10. Excellent. I just have Logitech Driving Force. It does not depend on physics, but on the settings of the machine. For the sake of interest, I can throw you my config of some of the standard machines from the game in order to understand what I'm talking about. Probably better to choose some fast car ... Which one? I picked up a few ideas from this physics (or rather from the physics of Veno), but I have everything reconfigured in my own way. And in general, in working with physics configs, testing the results is more important than understanding the parameters of an unpac
  11. @Aquarious I'm not sure I understood the question correctly. If we are talking about the fact that in the original TDU2 cars turn too sharply, then I will answer like this: - I tried my best to make keyboard physics as smooth as possible! However, this smoothness exists both when the rudder is turned and when the rudder is returned to zero. That's exactly what you have to get used to, as I wrote in the description of keyboard physics. - with the steering (900 degrees steering wheel) physics, everything is now perfect in my opinion. The steering is very smooth and at the same time ca
  12. How to use the configurator and at the same time a little about my game retexture. And also FPS measurements on different configs. Sometimes the video game freezes, because it is on my portable HDD USB3.0 My computer -
  13. No. The mod replaces only the global textures of the islands, such as flora, roads, some material textures. I doubt that I will have the patience to go through all the areas and replace all textures there with better ones. Moreover, right now I have a lot of work on my main modding game - Stalker. However, I do not exclude that after the new year I will go through all areas and improve both terrain and all textures of materials. Everything will depend on employment in other projects.
  14. View File TDU2-RS Graphic Mod Graphic part of the global modification TDU2-RS. Content: - Changed global textures of the islands of Ibiza and Hawaii. - Replaced all flora of both islands. - Replaced all road textures. Well, more precisely, not replaced, but improved. - Reconfigured grass height. Installation: - Requires unpacked version of TDU2! - Unpack the archive. - Put the Euro folder in the root folder of the game with the replacement of files. ATTENTION!!! Mod VERY greatly increases the load on the computer! Competently c
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