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  1. I'm wondering how I can use custom music for the menus in TDU2, because I listened to some of the menu songs from the PS2/PSP version of TDU1 and would like to use them as replacements for a few of the TDU2 menu/shop songs. For example, I want to replace the car dealer music (The normal song, not the classic dealer or used dealer one) in TDU2 with the song from TDU1 PS2/PSP used for the car dealers and garages, and the sticker shop music with the V-Rent music from TDU1 PS2/PSP. Here are the songs I'm looking for: TDU1 PS2/PSP Car Rental Music: TDU1 PS2/PSP Car Dealer/Garage music:
  2. Hi! I'm ZeldaRacer19, but my more common username is ZeldaACFan17. I use the ACFan17 one on YouTube, Steam, and RaceDepartment. That username has a few meanings to me: Zelda: I'm a fan of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda games, if you can probably tell from my Triforce profile pic ACFan: I'm also a fan of Assetto Corsa (The original, from 2014, not the new Competizione one), a racing game/sim made by Kunos Simulazioni, an Italian dev team who have made a few other racing sims as well. NetKar Pro is one of their famous past titles. 17: Just a number I chose because I see quite a few usernames elsewhere with numbers in them, but also because when I created my username on YouTube, for example, I joined close to 2017, so I picked the 17 for that A little more info about me: Favorite cars: Nissan Skylines (R32 to R34 and the new GT-R R35), Subaru Impreza STi's, Ferrari 458, 488, 812, Lamborghini Huracan and Aventador... (I have more, but I don't want to create a big wall of text ) Nationality: USA Favorite musical instrument: Ocarina
  3. It is taking up 7 Gigabytes on my hard drive...
  4. My TDU won't uninstall through the Control Panel. It gets almost full and then throws an error saying the account already exists.
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