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    does this patch include the cars listed in the preview?
  1. so I was digging trough the files of TDU2 and there is a 848 Evo in TDU2VPE/Property it's stated as unreleased, so I "released it" and the placeholder is the #11 BMW S1000RR (picture Number 1) I believe that the 848 WAS supposed to be in TDU2, as in the TDU Media, DLC: Help, Bike pack, page 3, there are 2 screens of the 848 Evo (picture 2) I was wondering if someone could take a model from Ride 2 and convert it to TDU2 the problem is that the 848 Evo has exterior and interior files (superbike_848_evo.bnk) also yes, there is a S4R Monster wich could be a leftover from TDU1, but the 848 Evo wasn't in TDU1 edit: yes the 1st pic IS the 848 Evo using the S1000RR as a placeholder Issues: bike is kinda slow compared to the ZX10R or the Desmosedici RR (still kinda fast) for some reason the front wheel is higher than usual and the rear wheel clips trough the ground
  2. My GTR Libery Walk



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