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  1. So yeah, my pc can't run TDU 2, and i think there is a mod of the zupra for that game, but, can someone make a mod of the Supra 2020 for TDU 1? I want to make a nice test, but i can't find the car anywhere :'v 2020-Toyota-Supra-rear-three-quarter.jpg.webp
    This is what I wanted in a game, semi-perfect roads, a pleasent drive experience, now my car doesn´t fly every bump. I wish this was in all the roads
  2. I need to ask. When will you change all the roads?
  3. I have the TDU platinum mod, and some of the sounds are broken or aren't the correct or similar one, so I wanted to change them but I don't know how and where to find better ones. Can you help me?
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