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  1. Hi, I tried to install a sound mod for a car but after replacing the file, the car has no ingame sound. Any idea what I could've done wrong? I just replaced the files like instructed in the mod's description.
  2. I tried setting the game to run at 165 hz, with Vsync on. I am getting the required frames per second but the problem is that the game doesn't want to run with a higher refresh rate, so it will stay 60, whereas the birds in the sky somehow move at the refresh rate that i set, for some reason. Any idea why?
  3. I'd hate for this to be the millionth thread about the RTX issue with TDU2 but I really have no idea how to fix this issue. Last year I played this game and found a solution but I can't seem to find it anymore. Does anyone else play this game with an RTX?
  4. I recently started playing TDU1 as I plaayed TDU2 and loved it. One problem though, TDU1 traffic becomes crazy when you set the refresh rate to 165 Hz. Basically invisible traffic, cars stopping and on wrong lanes, turning lanes really quickly, and so on and so forth. Some people suggested turning Vsync on, and I did that, but to no avail. The game works fine when at 60 hz but it's such a shame because the game looks insanely smooth on 165 Hz. Is there no fix or mod or anything that solves this issue?
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