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Found 15 results

  1. Hello Everyone! Can any experienced modder can do a repaintable Volkswagen W12 Syncro and Volkswagen W12 Roadster? Us, as in TDU players know that VW W12 and Roadster cannot be repainted (unless you take it to a paintjob shop that lets you respray any color you technically want) Since VW W12's are in 2 main colors; Red and Yellow, while interiors are Blue and Orange-ish. Anyone would be happy to get a car that you can repaint in 2-4 colors. Exterior and interior of course, If anyone can or does that everyone will be happy to cruise in a car with their desired color of choice.
  2. Introduction After editing by hand some sectors for the next update of Project Paradise, I thought it could be nice to create a proper map editor for TDU. After all, that's the only part of the game which has never been modded before. :) (and yes, next pp update should come soon, so less pm spam everyone thanks :twisted:) Description Even if it's called "Editor", this tool is a toolbox to export your files in your favorite 3D editor (maya, 3DS max, blender,... any editor as long as it's compatible with .obj) and obviously do the opposite. :p This choice as been made simply because I didn't want to make the usage of a cheap and badly written 3D editor an obligation. :D .obj has a pretty basic structure making easy to build an object from nothing. Features Heightmap Creation/Import/Export Material Editor World Objects Creation/Import/Export Road Collision Support (Havok *-R.shk) World Collision Support (Havok *.shk) Entities Management Soundscape Edition Wire Editor Map Network Editor Security Ramp Editor Green: done / almost done Orange: in progress Brown: just started / researches Red: todo Screenshots Terrain Edition Fast and clean heightmap edition (note: only the Y-axis is used by the game) Untextured/Textured heightmap World Object Edition Imported Untextured Object from a *-O.3DG (some oil station) Imported Road Network from a -O.3DG with a bit of Havok vertex (yellow dots) Terrain, world objects, havok collision mesh Havok Mesh in Editor, Havok Mesh Exported to TDU (early test) Custom low poly mesh (edited plane) exported as Havok Collision Mesh World Object Import (W.I.P.) World Objects with custom pivot point Basic Material Editor Download Test Drive Unlimited World Editor V0.04 Changelog *Objects Import/Export *UI update *Now using collada *Complete and detailed user guide inside the archive Download V0.04 Old Version Test Drive Unlimited World Editor V0.03 Test Drive Unlimited World Editor V0.02 Test Drive Unlimited World Editor V0.01 I'll try to keep the thread updated as often as I can. Opened to suggestions / Q&A / testing (dont ask for that yet :cheeky:) / ...
  3. Hi users! i've been playing TDU as long as i can remember, and i love mods, especially JDM/Japanese cars :) Ive found this video on YouTube, here's the link; and ive Googled the creators name, and i found his post, here's the post Released - Toyota Supra sound but sadly FileFront doesn't work for god knows how long... if ANYONE has that sound mod somewhere on your PC, please send send it down to the comments so other users can enjoy a decent 2JZ sound! THANK YOU Nick1999
  4. Hi users! i've been playing TDU as long as i can remember, and i love mods, especially JDM/Japanese cars :) Ive found this video on YouTube, here's the link; and ive Googled the creators name, and i found his post, here's the post Released - Toyota Supra sound but sadly FileFront doesn't work for god knows how long... if ANYONE has that sound mod somewhere on your PC, please send send it down to the comments so other users can enjoy a decent 2JZ sound! THANK YOU Nick1999
  5. Before anyone on PC jumps in about it being "X using mod Y", please keep this topic to only the standard games and the way they can be played. Thanks. The handling in an open world and free roam racing game is always a hot topic. You have your casual players who like nothing more than being able to easily hit the roads and fields and have the car behave in a controllable manner, then you have the in-betweeners (simcaders?) who like a little bit of fight with their vehicles but not too much that understeer and oversteer make them panic, and then you have the simulators, who like nothing more than a truly authentic experience. (and would probably wish for real fuel consumption, tyre wear and the need to wash and wax your car after every outing :p) Forgetting all about those different types, it needs to be remembered that the driving in the game itself is the core of it all, and if it's crap, then it doesn't matter how big, detailed and jam-packed full of features it is, as you're not going to have much fun when playing through it if the handling annoys you. You might be able to endure it enough to make it through, and perhaps the tuning, modification and photo mode features or whatever else is available, are so enjoyable that they themselves take over. But it's the game's world that matters most, no? And if you can enjoy it as well as all of the extras, then a damn good game you have found Now, not every game is going to have everything you want, and I am only asking for the game that in your view had the best driving feeling, for you, and to briefly say why it was the case. In my opinion I still find it hard for any game to beat the feeling of the original... Forza Horizon. There was a nice balance between all the different drive types, the frightening speed through monster power, and the feeling of weight and inertia displayed by the vehicles. I got to try FH2, and FH3, but only briefly, and I did not like the way it seemed to have regressed and felt a bit more floaty than their oldest ancestor. Was FH too close to FM for some and so they dialled it back? The Rally Expansion also is a clear indicator of why I rank FH as the best, the feeling of the car tackling those routes and struggling for traction, Scandinavian flicking, bogging down at points, and the pulling off a perfect handbrake turn was just glorious. If you can, I really recommend you check it out and judge for yourself.
  6. hi, i play TDU since it came out and i wanna add more horsepower to Nissan Skyline GTR R34. And i searched on Google how to setup the application and it says i need to copy D:\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Vehicules to a settings tab and it should automaticly saved it, but it doesn't Why doesn't work? Does Anybody know? I wanna have 800hp R34 but now i have lousy 345hp -.- any help would be please TSG:D
  8. SatanWasAnAngel

    Throwback Test Drive :)

    Yo hello. So i don't know if i'm late with the news but i've just seen ReShade release 3.0 the past few days and it's phenomenal for me. It's got the easiest interface i've experienced so far for third party post processing programs and even installing it is very simplistic. No more SweetFX+Reshade. It's just one smooth mod. [ATTACH]27323[/ATTACH] I have also just started playing TDU 1, but i've already played TDU 2 so. I know, not cool. [ATTACH]27324[/ATTACH][ATTACH]27327[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27326[/ATTACH][ATTACH]27328[/ATTACH] Theses first few photos are me fiddling with ReShade + the timescale mod which makes everything orange. The rest are without the timescale mod. [ATTACH]27329[/ATTACH] Just look at that beaut!! [ATTACH]27330[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27331[/ATTACH] It does its job very well and the FPS loss is not noticable on my system (a mid-spec build), except only for processes like cartoonify. My settings have around 5 or more processes enabled. So then, to the main point of this post, because it's not just a gallery. ReShade 3.0 uses d3d9.dll. Which also happens to be the second file of only two files of TDU Project Paradise. I tried looking around for a way to get the two work together, and one was using EnbInjector, keeping TDUPP's .dll as the main and writing ReShade's .dll as a proxy library on the injector's .ini file. Which didn't work. There was also another workaround, which involves using the dinput8.dll, which seems to be an API loader, and store ReShade's files in a /scripts named folder. Unfortunately the community patch also uses dinput8.dll. I wonder how i can make this work? Besides. My game was also messed up by all the patches and mods, i am going to have to study how to install them properly first. Some cars and parts weren't showing up, and the game crashed frequently.
  9. I had this idea while I was watching some TDU1 gameplay :) , Car Rental. Why did they remove that from TDU2? :sulk: It's a great feature. Could some great modders out there create this mod? It's not really useful, but a VERY COOL feature, makes the game so fun to play, i.e. You had $500,000 and you wanted a Lamborgini, to show off to your friends to. Not to race in, but show off. A Lamborghini costed $600,000 :cry: but there was a car rental booth nearby. You would rent it, for, lets say, $400,000 and showed it off. :cool: Very good feature, that would be. Do you agree with me or not?
  10. Here's something none us were NOT expecting but is their plan to do this in order to breakaway from their parent a good idea? Could it be that the dodgy decision making, the abysmal customer service and operations, the lack of info and the let's face it completely horrid method of running a business over the past number of years all down to those in France? Yeah sure. :rolleyes: Thanks. Atari hit by dwindling revenue, files for bankruptcy | VG247
  11. NewLife(hun)

    Mr Ford's video thread.

    This is my newest video and perhaps last from TDU, but im will be online yet. I hope you enjoy it ! ;) Have a nice day / night !
  12. .:TestDriver:.

    The Transporter MOD for TDU 2006!

    [/url] Danoosh.webs.com ----------- Edit: Ultimate Mega Picture mod with new TheTransporter ModIs coming soon... . :thumbsup: ----------- Edit: DOWNLOAD BMW 750i for TDU The Transporter's first car: http://forum.turboduck.net/showthread.php?t=8013 DOWNLOAD AUDI A8 for TDU a cars which was in The Transporter 2 and 3: http://forum.turboduck.net/showthread.php?t=6410 DOWNLOAD LP640 Roadester a car which was in The Transporter 2: (You should download/Buy MegaPack,It has that car) You may want to download this: Audi S8: http://forum.turboduck.net/showthread.php?t=9043 UPDATING: hello! To day is my birthday,Thus I wanted to share "ultimate mega picture mod + new the transporter mod" to day,sadly I can't do that then I didn't share them, but here is the new ultimate mega picture mod,But also it is in W.I.P mod and because of this,some pictures are bad quality. Download JUST the Alpha version of TDU megapicture here: http://www.4shared.com/file/136542390/f2017c62/WIPTDU_MegaPicture_-_by_DPEG.html Regards, Me! ----------- Edit: The new version has been released,just click the Black and white picture. with new and optimized The Transporter mod + Ultimate Mega picture!! 1)make a new profile which has the same name of your downloaded save game, 2)exit the game and then replace your downloaded save game with new original save game that you made in step 1. 3)replace save game's folder name as same as new original save game that you made in step 1 - if it's possible. _____________________ Sorry for my bad English:bananamad:.
  13. Shoes[UNTIED]

    Kwan Shunteh Drifitng

    A New Club for drifters! Kwan Shunteh Drifting( KSD ) is for all drifters! May be smart to have a fast car though. Leave me a comment on my profile and ill get to yah! P.S. -> Recruiting until July 20th 2009. (U got some time :) )
  14. ItsMattyT

    Megapack Question

    Simple Question. Where is the cheapest place to buy the Megapack? Because it seems to be £10 everywhere, and that seems a bit too much to pay, considering how long it has been released :) Thanks a lot! :thumbsup: