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  1. I tried installing a different version of it, it still has the same problem. I disabled my anti-virus and allowed everything. At this point I'm probably just going to give up.
  2. This doesn't fix the problem, tried it multiple times.
  3. There is no savegame folder in documents, already checked that.
  4. I decided to come back for a second try at TDU Platinum after not connecting to the multiplayer servers. This time however, I have a different problem. Whenever I start a new game and create a profile as I should, it won't save, the little text would say that it's saving in the bottom, but whenever I restart the game it just puts me back into the profile creator. I've tried this with making a offline profile and an online one, the outcome is the same, I've tried completing the tutorial but it still won't save, what do I do? I got TDU from steamunlocked, but it used to work like a year ago.
  5. Didn't solve anything. As i said, my game won't save and there is no "Test Driver Unlimited" folder in my documents.
  6. Hello Turboduck! I was wondering if anyone could assist me in connecting to the TDU Platinum multiplayer servers? I have installed the latest patch + the US Independence Dealership update. I have made a GameSpy account by using my gmail account with a random password. I have completed the tutorial by renting a car in the beginning, buying a house, buying my first car, completing a tutorial race and driving back to my house. I've done everything in order to connect to the multiplayer servers but it still won't connect me. Can someone help me out? Thank you! -edit I also just found out that my game won't even save. There is no "Test Driver Unlimited" folder in my documents.
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