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  1. And3rs

    Im here to Troll you.
  2. Yeah, taxes are extreme here, and (Im not sure, but i think) we are the only country in the world to have taxes based on how big the engine is.. We could sell our 3 year old Lexus IS 220d and buy a new ISF in USA :lol: Kinda funny..
  3. Me and my neigbour took an Evoque for a test drive.. The 190 hp version :) Its actually $170 000 here.. Awesome car!
  4. Haha, semotimes my keybaord can be prettuy evil ot me.. :( Of course I meant Carrera. Thanks ;)
  5. You saw a white Agera. Lucky :( Well, at least i saw the ski box for the Agera R last week! It's in the background behind that random red car, but who cares, you can still see the box. http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/IMG_1307.jpg http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/IMG_1308.jpg There's my CCR in the background. :) I also saw a Carrera GT and an Evoque. Not bad.
  6. That tweeter looks huge.. They are usually 1" ...
  7. The problem with TV's is that they cost stupidly much compared to smaller versions of the same series. I have a Samsung 46" D8000, the best series of LED from Samsung 2011. Here are some interesting stuff, the reason why i didn't buy a bigger version xD 46" - $3000 55" - $4200 60" - $6000 LOL :eek:
  8. Lol that's just what i thought :lol: Anyway cool that my competition is still going, week 63 :eek:
  9. White Ford Galaxy with the big engine! Haha, dads firm car. Why the biggest engine? Because when youre not going to buy it, but rent it on a firm, the biggest engine costs less.. So now we have like 6 cars.. What the hell.. Just what i thought, except I sweared in english actually.
  10. Haha, nope XTZ's are actually pretty cheap, i even saved $150 by buying it in Sweden. So it costed $600 with the cable, for a 12" subwoofer, that's not bad at all!
  11. No, i got the BMW Z4 first. I've had the Koenigsegg for a year soon. It's amazing.. Sadly the cables for the front lights broke. I have to send it back to fix that. Al together, i think it has costed around $700, but i don't regret it. I kind of had to get it, after i sat in the real CCGT and won a trip in CCR. I may actually have been invited by Bård Eker to come and visit him, where the Koenigsegg's are being designed. :)
  12. The Green Hornet, awesome and funny :)
  13. Autoart Koenigsegg CCX, with lights put on it Germany, and a carbon spoiler from Hong Kong. Probably one of a kind, i dont know..
  14. Went to Sweden and bought 30,5 kg of subwoofer fun :D
  15. Thank you :) I have a RBG led behind the tv aswell, but it wasn't on at the moment. All the lights are remote controlled :) Might aswell ad a picture with it on :) Sometimes it makes the Samsung's bezel look even smaller because of the reflection :) I know it looks like a 37" or something but its actually the 8 series in 46" :) http://i53.tinypic.com/2uj5tz6.jpg
  16. Thank you very much, to the both of you :) I've worked alot but its totally worth it!
  17. http://i56.tinypic.com/20a4c1s.jpg I bought all this "home cinema on a 15 year olds room" stuff this year, and the Dali speakers + Onkyo last week.. Costed like $7000 all together LOL
  18. So this competition is still going? That's cool :) Btw i voted for Milli :)
  19. Nice! Pagani garage opening here aswell next week, cant wait! :D *wakes up*
  20. Hmm, i have alot to post here now. If i bother.. :lol:
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