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  1. Hello everyone, good evening, how are you? I am trying to config a modded car that I download from here, but I am having a problem. Apparently the vehicle's collision box is displaced backwards, in relation to the center of the car. Could someone please help me with this? I tried using the Vehicle Property Editor, changing the dimensions, but I didn't get any significant results. Thank you very much for your attention! Have a great week
  2. Hello my friends, good evening, how are you? Please, does someone help me about a doubt about if is possible to repack files unacked by Unpack GUI? I found some modified BIG files on the internet, then I tought that someone unpacked files, made some modification, then repacked again. Please, could some one help me? Thank you very much! Sorry my poor English. Have nice week
  3. @SilverBENZ thank you very much for your reply. My main problem is I can't access Casino. To buy a DLC car, I made chances in the TDU2 World TestDrive2.exe, so now I can buy this cars. In the TestDrive2.exe that I can access Casino, when I try to enter the Bike Shop, my game crashes. I am trying to fin where, in the TestDrive2.exe HEX, it verifies if I could enter the Casino or not. If I have some TestDrive2.exe that I can enter in Casino and enter in all vehicle dealers, even I can't buy DLC cars, I could modify this file to continue access casino, access dealers whithout crashes and buy DLC vehicles. Do you know if the are some place to request this mod or some information about how could I mod my file? Thank you very much!
  4. Hello guys, goodevening, how are you? I downloaded the TDU2 World, and I tried to enter in the casino, but I received a message that talk to me that I need to be connected to access the Casino. I have too a build v069 that allow me to access Casino without any connection, but this version cashes when I try to acces Bike Shop. So my doubt is, there is some build that allow me to access Offline Casino and avery other resources like Bike Shop? If the answer is no, here, in the forum, the is some way to request some mod that allows me to access this resources? Sorry my poor English, I do not speak very well. Thank you very much for your attention, have a nice weekend!!! P.S. The TDU2 World edition does not allow me to buy any DLC cars, I tried to edit the TestDrive2.exe and I found the memory address 0x00AE1270 that verify if the car is a DLC, so I deleted this verify and now I could buy DLC cars. I Itried to find and change some code to try acces Casino, but I did not have success
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