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Found 102 results

  1. Hello Everyone! Can any experienced modder can do a repaintable Volkswagen W12 Syncro and Volkswagen W12 Roadster? Us, as in TDU players know that VW W12 and Roadster cannot be repainted (unless you take it to a paintjob shop that lets you respray any color you technically want) Since VW W12's are in 2 main colors; Red and Yellow, while interiors are Blue and Orange-ish. Anyone would be happy to get a car that you can repaint in 2-4 colors. Exterior and interior of course, If anyone can or does that everyone will be happy to cruise in a car with their desired color of choice.
  2. Hi! I wanna export a sound mod ive made to Microsoft ADPCM 44khz 4bit mono does anyone know how to do it? please it's urgent, as it sounds really good. Audacity doesn't have it but ive seen many people use it for TDU modding. any tutorials anywhere? thanks Nick1999
  3. For all newcomers that are unable to find answers via searching, please ask your questions regarding the acquisition and installation of TDU2 PC mods in this thread after reading through this thread to make sure your query hasn't already been answered. Link to Unpacker GUI: Xarlith : TDU2 Unpacker GUI [v1.1] - Japan Language Support | turboduck forum Now how to insert a mod: After unpacking the game correctly you will find some more subfolders in the "Euro"-folder (e. g. avatar, database, frontend...and so on...). In these folders you will find files that in most cases can be modded. The most important folder "vehicules". Here you find all ingame-cars. C:\...\tdu2\Euro\bnk\vehicules\ here are 4 folders that are important - high (carbody) - interiors ("inside-life" of the cars) - med (make you see the same car (as yours modded one) on other player/s when drives it in game) - rims (selfexplaining, rims sorted by brands) additionally in some cases: C:\...\TDU2\Euro\Bnk\sound\vehicles\gtr_high.bnk (carsound, but not every package has a separate mod for the carsound) Example on a certain car (e. g. Nissan GT-R) Files of the car: - gtr.bnk (in the high-folder) - gtr_i.bnk (in the interior-folder) - gtr_med.bnk (in the med-folder) - gtr_low.bnk (in the med-folder) - gtr_f_01 (frontrims in the rim/nissan-folder) - gtr_r_01 (rearrims in the rim/nissan-folder) The files in the modpackage have the same names, cause it's needed for working. Only the content of the bnk-files is different (in other words modded). And the modded files have to be copied into the needed folders, that means they replace the originial files. Little advice from my side: make a savecopy of the hole "Euro"-folder, so if something gets messed up meanwhile modding, you still have all original files. Important is, that only the car can be replaced, which files are in the modding-package. It is possible to switch (e. g.) a nissan gt-r with a bugatti. But the car looks like crap afterwards. That's all folks ;) All previous threads asking about this have been merged and are below... please read through it - someone may have already asked your question.
  4. calster17

    Your Future vehicle

    So, I'm sure some of us are planning our next car, maybe for next month...maybe next year or 5! So what car are you thinking of getting, or at least takes your fancy? Keep this real, as we all can't afford Ferrari's or Paganis....this is't a wishlist like that. Me? Well I'm planning something for maybe 2/3 years time, I'll have finished my apprenticeship so wont have to worry about getting kicked out of college, and forth losing my job. This is the reason why I never got the GT86 I very nearly got..in case this happened(some of you's may know about it) So my short list? Current gen Honda Accord Estate 2015 Honda Civic Type-R...BUT only if they make it as an estate as well.(no pictures) Volvo V60 R-Design Estate Land Rover Defender 110 Pick up Citroen DS3 R MG 3 MG ZT 260 (the V8 one) - Facelift or pre-facelift. and from them list of senable come the other end of the scale... Lotus Europa S Caterham 7 Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ So, anyone else know there shot list? Or not though that far ahead yet?
  5. Mars

    Ferrari F512M

    I don't know if anyone here is able to do 3d modeling, but one might be able to change just a few things from the 512 TR without needing a whole model from scratch. The car is a 1994 Ferrari F512 Modificato, the last model in the Testarossa lineup and one of my personal favorites. I haven't seen a request for it so here's one. Front:[ATTACH]28711[/ATTACH] Rear:[ATTACH]28712[/ATTACH] Side:[ATTACH]28713[/ATTACH] 3/4:[ATTACH]28714[/ATTACH] Interior [ATTACH]28715[/ATTACH] interior 2 [ATTACH]28716[/ATTACH] Thanks for any help in getting the car into this awesome game. Stats; Weight: 3207.7 lbs Height: 44.68 inches Length: 176.37 inches Width : 77.79 inches Front wheel track: 60.35 inches Rear wheel track: 64.72 inches Power: 440.0 @ 6750 Torque: 368.8 ft-lb @ 5500 Performance; Top speed: 195.7 mph 0-62 4.7 sec
  6. Mars

    Ferrari F512M

    Hey guys, I get the impression that there are many talented modders here, I'd really like to see the ferrari f512m included into either tdu1 or 2 or both, whichever is fine. I'd also like to see the 512tr in tdu2 but at the moment I'd really like the 512m in either or both games. Would that be a problem for anyone?:cool: [ATTACH]28608[/ATTACH] Beauty on wheels
  7. Taking the idea from Carthrottle's Video, what Concept Cars do you wish had made production? They nominate: Peugeot Onyx Mazda Furai (R.I.P :( ) Maserati Birdcage 75th Dodge Deora Chevrolet Aerovette BMW M1 Homage Ford GT90 Volkswagen V12 NARDO Cadillac Sixteen Kia GT4 Stinger Ford Shelby GR-1 Devel Sixteen Toyota FT-1 (Ew :cheeky:) Do you disagree with their list, are any of their nominations your favourite concept car? What other cars should have made the list d'ya think? :)
  8. Chrysler 300C SRT-8 2013 ver.1.1 DOWNLOAD Chrysler 300C SRT-8 2013 ver.1.1 ( open link)
  9. superhyper

    Santtu's A3

    I'm sitting in a cafe, on my way back home in my VERY OWN car! :D Not revealing what it is and no points for guessing (though you can still go ahead) :p Pictures and more info coming as soon as I get home :) E: Answer is on page 4, go there for more information :)
  10. Paladin Skylark

    Guess That Car!

    NEW RULES Post the specs of a car, whomever guesses correctly gets to post the next one.. --------------------------------------------------------------------- I remember this was a massive hit before, I seem to remember it being very popular on the old TDU2 forums. The rules are simple, post a picture of a car, whomever guesses the car correctly (the first person, of course) gets to post the next one. I expect this thread to not get far, but we shall see where it goes! First up! (something easy, I didn't even bother covering the badge)
  11. I had this idea while I was watching some TDU1 gameplay :) , Car Rental. Why did they remove that from TDU2? :sulk: It's a great feature. Could some great modders out there create this mod? It's not really useful, but a VERY COOL feature, makes the game so fun to play, i.e. You had $500,000 and you wanted a Lamborgini, to show off to your friends to. Not to race in, but show off. A Lamborghini costed $600,000 :cry: but there was a car rental booth nearby. You would rent it, for, lets say, $400,000 and showed it off. :cool: Very good feature, that would be. Do you agree with me or not?
  12. NeonaZ

    Car showrooms

    Hi guys, I'd like you to ask about car shops. I've got mine tdu with dlc unpacked and I've installed unofficial patch v0.3b. Everything works quite well, but I can't seem to find koennigsegg or veyrons at european cars showrooms (Ibiza and Hawaii). Both Showrooms are half empty, and I only see Spykers. Although recently I have driven Veyron SS and Koennigsegg carbon edition on delivery missions. Can you tell me how can I get these cars without hacks? Thanks.
  13. Hello! My favourite car in TDU1 (and my favouite supercar in real life) is a Jaguar XJ220. I never found a mod with this car in TDU2 (please tell me if there is). I'd like to try to convert TDU1's XJ220 to TDU2. Can somebody tell me how to do this? Thankou for your help! Regards X8X8X
  14. E30 FTW!!!

    Finally, my car!

    I remember when I was younger how I came across this thread watching what other users that I was playing TDU had and dreaming that one day I will have one of my own. So, this is it. Finally, after many years of waiting to turn 18 to get my drivers license, at 19 years I got my car. It's a VW Golf 7, Comfortline Edition,1.2TSi 105HP with these optionals: heated seats headlight washers CD-Composition media Leather steering wheel I've had it since September 2013 and until now I got about 9200km with it.
  15. Plz help me i downloaded supra from this forum and changed names of files to names files of zonda and replace it now if i launch game i have crash plz help me to fix it sorry for my bad english ;( Thanks
  16. And3rs

    Bought my first car

    Hey guys! Long time no see. Some of you might remember me. I used to be active on this forum a while ago, so I thought it might be interesting for you to see what kind of car I would be buying as my first one. I could be wrong, but you know, I'll take the chance ;) I picked up my first car on the 23rd of December and have since detailed it and done a few minor mods. Before you see the photos, let me tell you my parents did help when I were to find work to save for the car, and with the actual process buying it, but I paid it all myself. I'm not 18 yet so I dont have a license yet, but I can drive it as long as my dad is in the passenger seat. It's only a few weeks left till I'm 18 anyway. So here it is! http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/E3AAAD54-681E-4709-BF98-326C093B7AAB.jpg http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/4A82C534-9EC7-40AF-B9EF-EB33D2C63E69.jpg http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/20388170-FDBE-4E2C-8484-2FBC7C2F4A85.jpg http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/2C78D644-B55C-4865-B7E9-87CC039F73E9.jpg http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/ACB670AB-2614-4A1D-8F1C-040DBF7E5CF3.jpg http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/78B3980F-9A5E-45C5-BDAF-EFFC5ED35F4C.jpg http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/00C26390-DD4D-4E5D-9760-E6471E920F02.jpg In case you missed the photos above, it's a 2007 Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe (yes, that's what the european power retractable hardtop models are called) 1.8 in True Red with black leather interior and a sports exhaust system fitted. It's only done 34 900 km. I have many mods planned, for instance I really don't like how high it sits atm, and those winter wheels are pretty ugly. I'm planning to lower the car 50-60mm with Eibach springs, put winter tires on the original Mazda 16" rims and get some gunmetal matte TSW Nurburgring 17" for summer. Its gonna look a lot better then. Quick photoshop of how it will look: http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/TSWmattegunmetal.jpg Hope you like it. - Anders
  17. maya luxury car maybe the appearances are far away from the true story, maybe the resolution of this car is not really good for tdu1, even though it looks so I've posted (again) a site with an already made 3d car model, not with the purpose to intrusively insist that modders to do this car "somehow and sometime", but maybe this 3d model is really good for tdu1
  18. Hi guys, I'm curious why sometime modder decide to make his, let's say Pagani Zonda R replace McLaren F1 GTR? Why not replace just the car the modder is about to modify? So Pagani Zonda R will replace Pagani Zonda C12S. thanks, Eugene
  19. Hi. I donwload this car: http://hf-garage.ru/load/mody_dlja_test_drive_unlimited/bmw/miha2795_1992_bmw_m5_e34_oom_500/7-1-0-1054 Install it, but when i go in garage section to choose it game crash... Someone have same problem ? :confused:
  20. http://3dbar.net/?p=4759 (this is a Free to Download 3D Car Model, made in 3DS Max) I wonder why modders just don't search for Free & Already Made 3D Car Models on internet ? I think the people who post Free 3D Car Models *don't care that their free models will be used by others* (otherwise : they would never post their work on internet, absolutely for free) why should work too much ? in stead of just modifying a little bit the Free & Already Made 3D Car Models ? maybe some modders already do this, but it seems that most of modders don't do this at all
  21. manu_dk

    Citroen Saxo RALLY car

    HELLO! That's my race car (RALLY) I hope someone can make a sound mod of that car..? I have more videos on my channel! THANKS! [mod edit:] Please don't embed more than two videos per post, thanks.
  22. We've recently found out that Forza 5 will contain only about 250 cars, most people are complaining because they'd expect more cars since the game is now on blu-ray disc, I personally was a little disapointed to find this out but the overall selection is good enough for me, we're getting Autovista for all cars, more detail and better damage modelling. Well you can't please everybody.
  23. TimBud

    Your RL car in GTAV

    Find a car in GTA that is the 'same' model as you real life car. Then mod it, respray it so it looks 'identical'. :) Here's my Ford Edge: And for comparison:
  24. banditv8

    Searching for this Car

    Hello I´m searching for this Car. http://www.extremedimensions-osnabrueck.de/Cars%20Opel/Diverse/picture-0023.jpg Can everybody help me