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  1. If they mess up this RS6 I will be mortified! If the Audi's are limited to 155 by gearing again I will be angry! Hopefully Atari did their homework on these cars this time but I'm not getting my hopes up with that!!!
  2. If only Atari would include the RS6. There's something about going 212+mph in a 4 door saloon (and thats only on a minor tune of chip and exhaust :O ) thats really appealing. Shocking all those super car owners with a 4 door Audi :D
  3. I get invisible police cars too. Cars sometimes do stop in their tracks when doing missions. Sucks.
  4. Stage 2 Zonda accellerates faster than stage 3. Bug in the game. Just a FYI.
  5. In my one they are located in Libraries -> Documents -> Test Drive Unlimited
  6. I will remember that screen name dude :) Will search around for you. And I don't cheat! lol. If you have a G25 and keep up with me in the straights you know I don't cheat :)
  7. Very true. But if they wanted to mod or get new cars and stuff surely rFactor is the better option? Also on rFactor the cheating level is very low and you can only connect to people with the same downloaded cars as you. Anything thats slightly off your kicked from the server. If only that system for the car physics was in place. Oh well people will be abusing it and ruin the game for some people :( Here's to hoping Atari do something about it :)
  8. Ah yea. First saw some of this evidence when a 575m beat me when I was in the RUF RTurbo. Then all of a sudden every now and then I see all these cars going very fast off the line. Only yesterday I was in the saleen and the CLK GTR was right up with me and in front of me at 200mph :( So this TDU PE edits cars for skins like people have said. So I take it people are abusing it and putting them on this like the 575m and CLK GTR etc etc? If so that's just..... well them being bad losers? lol. LOL thanks man :) I don't think that TDU PE works very well in the corners as I found out yesterday with the CLK GTR I was talking about in the above post. That really pissed them off :D Hi there! Thanks yea I understand what you're saying :) Those people online must just be jelous :) Whats your screen name on TDU? [mod edit:] Please do not double post, use the edit button instead. Thanks!
  9. Was on a multiplayer online race at the racetrack and cause I won I got called a cheat. Just cause I know how to take a racing line and launch the car with a G25 means I'm a cheat? Got a screenprint of the culprits (some of whom admit to cheating BTW using something called TDU PE whatever that is). Is there anything I can do?
  10. Just want to know why do people feel the need to do this then use it in one on one races and try trick people into racing? Are they not good enough without the mod to race against people online? Do they do it purely to get a higher ranking in ICR? Also is there something that allows the user to pop up the normal street car out of thin air to block their competitor? Felt like this happened to me whilst playing a certain player in a one on one race :(
  11. The good thing about the Veyron is the DSG gearbox. With the Veyron being in the game now the n00bs can't say that people are cheating cause they don't use the S7 in manual mode (therefore their shifts take a lot longer). This car will redeuce the amount of n00bs saying people are cheating. It won't totally go but at least it'll be reduced :)
  12. If Atari mess up these cars performances again I'm not gonna be one happy bunny. Main gripe is that they limited top speed because of gearing when in reality we know cars like the Merc 55's are computer limited to 155 but could easily do 190mph stock! If they mess up the R34 then grrrrrrrrrr!
  13. Totally agree with that :D Just hope they don't mess this one up.
  14. Well nearly all the Audi's that'll be in this game will be limited to 155mph. A3 (if its back in), the TTS etc etc. I agree on the Skyline how the top speed was bloody atrocious!!!! The power to 60mph was defo there just lacked the power of the real top speed :( If the R35 GTR makes it to this game I hope they allow it to be tuned to 800bhp like in real life. But knowing Atari they will mess it up by asking Nissan what the top speed is and they'll say 112mph cause thats the limit in Japan I believe. Then the developers will say "Right its 112mph so that the limit" not thinking about thats what it'll be in 3rd gear in real life but they'll shove that in 6th :mad:
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