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  1. Hey @theinsaneone, it was awesome meeting you dude, it's definitely weird seeing how much i've grown since this place showed up, I mean, it must've been about 12 years ago now? This place definitely holds a real place in my heart and it was great to be here.Strange to think that I joined here at 16 and now I'm most of the way to 30. Crazy shit.
  2. Probably going to change the boost controller first, internally it's pretty much the same as the high pressure turbo, the LPT just farts out its boost before it does anything interesting. That'll give me about 50 ponies, after that it'll be stiffening the suspension as it's an absolute boat. maybe after i'll lookl at changing the pipes because with a proper kit the red block sounds angry as hell.
  3. Literally had 5 folding tables in it yesterday and 2 bits of 2x4 in it today. seats folded down is about the size of a double bed back there (proof, put an inflatable one in there and used it as a bed once :P)
  4. The new TVR Griffith finally got shown off and my god is it a looker. It's not quite the carnival of sneering, ludicrous, plastic, slashed and vented danger which would have been a pearlescent painted TVR from 10 years ago, but it still looks mean. Really looking forwards to seeing and hearing it on the track. Especially since they're taking it to LeMans [ATTACH]29950[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29951[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29952[/ATTACH]
  5. Met up with a friend recently who convinced me to get back into sim racing, so i've been giving automobilista a go. Graphics leave a lot to be desired but it feels really really good. Kinda like Live For Speed if they actually added content.
  6. Well look what the cat dragged in (Spoiler, it's me) I finally got bored of 2 wheels and bought a car! I also started as I meant to carry on by buying something with a big engine, a turbocharged and RWD... Oh... Well then... [ATTACH]29949[/ATTACH] Jokes aside, I love my big floaty turbobrick, and getting it sideways is so fun/wrong/hilarious that it almost justifies the abysmal economy
  7. The map of this game is amazing. No doubts. Its vast, its beautiful, its immersive and there are lots of challenges for any driver. Truly wonderful to behold. The cities are pretty big as it is, and then you realise there are hundreds of miles between them with the same level of detail. Incredible. Vehicle models are pretty nice too, things like the charger's headlights are good and I'm keen on customisation options. Sadly I haven't seen any way to edit fullstock vehicles colour. I'm happy with my viper freebie(ish, it uses the uPlay points) but I wish I could have it stock in yellow with black stripes, but sadly I have to have it as Perf to modify it, which cuts a whacking great hole in the bonnet. Was certainly nice of The Crew to give you a chunk of Canadough Freemium Moneygrab Crew Credits early on. You make money so slowly in the game that I have already started resenting the CC system since over 40 levels I've only just got around $150,000 gaining money the normal way. The high prices do help to take away the sting of less cars, it must be said, I've not really wanted much more than is there. Sadly this doesn't help the AI in races which always seem to be the same assortment, seemingly even in the same colours. Some variation wouldn't have gone amiss there. Bugs: lots of them, I've had 4 hard crashes and hundreds of smaller things I'd be putting in. Literally no polish there, their lack of in-house QA is glaringly apparent. Will elaborate in my full review, and wait for a potential hotfix. Lets talk about immersion. More specifically, driving around in freemode with some music on having a cruise and finding sat stations and wrecks. You can't get into the mindset that you're cruising because you are being constantly nagged about the next mission. Seriously, early on you'd get a nag message even when you were en-route to the next mission. The game is constantly on your back to do things. One of my favourite things in TDU were the vehicle delivery missions because you'd take long leisurely drives over the map in a classic car and just take in the scenery. Nothing in this game is so relaxed. You have a timer for taxiing people to your safehouse for crying out loud. There is a page taken out of GRID 2's book which is 'constant doucebag commentary of your race' which is unwelcome. I know that i'm not in first, stop telling me when I am/am not winning the race. And stop with the intro movies. You already get a short brief on the phone/if you start from map, I care not for the same lines of dialogue and cutscene every time I restart a bloody hard mission. The story is terrible. I feel like I'm doing MMO grinding just to advance a terrible story so that I can do events in a different bit of a really good map. I don't care about Alex. He looks like Gordon Freeman. Also gangs don't back off when you beat them in a race. There are hundreds of stories about racers to be told, even stories about street racers. Look at Initial D, that revolves around taking territories as part of a racing team... but no, weird car mafia it is. Characters so far have ranged from 'forgettable' to 'cringeworthy'. Also the Ubisoft 'we can't do females' stigma has carried over as so far its failed the Bechdel test. I like the game, otherwise I wouldn't be playing it so much, but my god is it doing my head in. Find me on uPlay, my tag is BleddynDu
  8. I wanted to be hyped for this game, but its all melting away thanks to Ubisoft. Holy crap what is it with Eden Games and its successor getting roped in with awful French publishers. Compared to Ubisoft, Atari are a damn diamond. Having to use uPlay for it was a shortcoming I could live with. So was the tiny car list. The news that I wouldn't be able to buy through steam was a stinger, and seeing the uPlay preorder price of £50 for a damn digital distribution was even worse. Maybe that would be it though, an overpriced game on a terrible platform but at least it was a good game underneath. Now it has appeared that the terrible car list is followed up by DLC every month, and as if that weren't a nasty cashgrab as it is, there are the freemium-esque crew credits you buy with real world money. In a game which costs £50. But wait, there's more. Look at far Cry 4's launch. Look at Assassin's Creed's launch. Ubisoft's platform is garbage and an online-only game on said platform terrifies me. Even after that I have nothing but contempt for Ubisoft for sacking a huge QA team in a knee-jerk reaction to Unity being broken as hell. I've spoken to former employees, they bugged this stuff months ago. Montreal waived it all due to deadlines and being forced into such a short development frame. I'm losing any interest I had and its a shame because I really enjoyed the beta, even if it was bugged as hell.
  9. Getting tired of being told that I'm not high enough level :P That oversight of the level cap is getting real old now. I'd prefer if when you set a target, the distance showed the distance of your route, not the 'as the crow flies' distance. Yesterday I drove from Miami to LA and was wondering why the distance kept going up despite the fact I was doing 160mph :P PATHFINDING Talking of setting a target, Jesus wept the highways are screwy. Unless there are physically 2 separate 1 way highways, the GPS and traffic will do seriously dumb things, like suggesting you cross 2 lanes of oncoming freeway traffic, instead of using your offramp. On my LA run I had one instance where the GPS told me to cut left and join a road via the onramp for opposing traffic, when I skipped that it told me to go past my offramp in the right (which looped around to join the other highway) and instead perform a U turn and use the off ramp for opposing traffic. (Which I'm guessing is because it saw that as a more direct route). This has resulted in blindsiding traffic making these manoeuvres as they decide to cut across me as I do over 150mph Oh, and Nitrous feels cheap as hell. If you follow a railroad track and hit 110mph (the speed cap for railroad tracks) and hit nitrous your head will be pulled back like you're under huge acceleration... and you will stay at 110mph :P Edit 1 - PvP lobbies, I dislike that the winner picks the next race, it would allow someone to pick a race they can always win, lots of people seem to pick the airport race over the chicago one, for example, because they suck at driving and don't like that they can't cut every corner :P
  10. I used the challenger approximately once. Bought a 300c as soon as I could. In hindsight, I'm not entirely sure why xD
  11. The manual gearbox is utterly god awful. The right stick should be for looking about, not making (really, really slow, laboured and bad) gearchanges. The slowness especially shows when you're trying to get into reverse after a crash. It is awful. Oh, and you can't change gear when there's a notification on screen or a menu open either, so when you touch a kit car you can't get back into reverse because it keeps telling you how many more bits to find there are.
  12. I'll be on PC for this one... When I eventually fork out for it anyway... £50 for a PC digital download my arse... bloody uPlay rip off merchants...
  13. Atari never dies. Some relatively unheard of publisher will just rebrand themselves to invoke nostalgia like infogrames did. (See: how many companies have called themselves 'commodore' Hopefully the license for test drive goes to someone competent.
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