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  1. If anyone is like "damn who is who, I literally have no idea who they are but they seem to have been around forever" then check out my "about me" tab. The TL;DR is that you may know me as Crazed Dodgem and i used to be a mod here 😁

    1. A little update for y'all since I haven't seen it mentioned here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1249970/view/3192501139825395531 The biggest take home is that TDU: Solar Crown has been delayed until 2023. That obviously sucks, but honestly i've been waiting 15 years for a good sequel to TDU sorry not sorry so an extra year in the oven for a game which has already had a very long development (We first learned about it's development 5 years ago when diablo was still running the show) is totally fine to me. Honestly I'm still surprised we're getting one at all. With that, they've also cancelled Xbox One and PS4 versions, which as someone involved in Game Dev myself is actually good news. The last gen consoles are now severely hamstrung by nearly 10 year old hardware, and removing that constraint means the game can really push the boundaries, with multiple potential benefits such as more players, more traffic, a more detailed world, smarter AI, better physics, better particle effects, more impressive weather effects and no hacky optimisations. I much prefer that to the current trend of giving a last gen game HDR, 60fps and higher res rextures, then calling the job done. In Happier news there's some good updates there too. They've given a number of 550km of roads, which exceeds even the most optimistic predictions of youtubers who analysed HK island in detail, so that's pretty funky. They've also made some nods towards realism, which is pretty hecking cool. I hope they really put that WRC engine to good use, as pure speculation maybe the delay even means that the WRC team themselves will work on it after WRC Generations comes out, on account of them losing the WRC Franchise License to EA/Codemasters. One can dream. Closing out, they've also mentioned a Beta, which probably means "Server load testing a month before release" if the current trend of "Betas" is followed, but it does give a hope of playing a tiny bit earlier than everyone else. There's also some concept art of the clubhouses. I'm glad to see TDU: SC's humans still look like the same animated barbie dolls that they've always looked like in TDU games See y'all next year I guess, hopefully i see some of the other dinosaurs who have showed their faces here again
    2. Yo nerds, heads up, we can expect more TDU next week! On Tueesday they're doing another nacon connect and in it they're including TDU, so that's probably the "next chapter" they mentioned
    3. No worries on the name! Dan was @Baldy/Baldred iirc! I met them at the TDU2 preview which I went to with Diablo and @Camel God that was 10 years ago. Bloody hell.
    4. I'm not Dan I'm Arwyn, though tbf it's been so long since I was active here that i'll let it slide But yeah, I've worked at No More Robots for about 2 years, and I was at Rockstar for 5 years before that . I kinda vanished after TDU2 was.... a bit crap, and then the Crew give me about a month of entertainment then also went in the bin. Fingers crossed for the new TDU though, if nothing else it's on the WRC engine so I unlike TDU2/The Crew it should actually be fun to drive I'm really glad you enjoyed our game! In other news, do you think that a bad CGI trailer, heavily featuring a Silver Aston is a throwback to the original TDU Trailer?
    5. Not gonna lie I'm slightly concerned about the fact it's releasing on Switch. It's an amazing console in it's own right, but when my company ported our game descenders (High paced downhill mountain biking game) we had to cut A LOT of corners, and that was just for a Unity game with relatively small procedurally generated stages. An open world game is going to take some biiiiiig cuts to run on that hardware.
    6. I love that some news pops up and suddenly the gang starts getting back together! welcome back tim!
    7. Oh god I had to spend so long looking up the power of my partners bikes xD 1996 Volvo 940 2.3 Turbo - 210bhp (Lightly modified) 2002 Renault Megané Coupe 1.4 - 100bhp 2003 Honda Pan European - 120bhp 2000 Yamaha Thundercat - 100bhp 1999 Yamaha XJ600N - 60bhp 2008 Yamaha YBR 250 - 20bhp 1977 Suzuki GT 185 - 20bhp So 630bhp all in
    8. I know this is really lame to get nostalgic over, but it's so cool to see that this gamne which defined my teenage years, which I'd followed since even before the 360 launched is still getting dedicated support. I'm installing platinum now for some muuuuch needed nostalgia. Thanks everyone for keeping this game alive ♥
    9. Oh look, a new TDU game, and a dinosaur arises from the shadows 'sup guys! good to see you again
    10. Hey @theinsaneone, it was awesome meeting you dude, it's definitely weird seeing how much i've grown since this place showed up, I mean, it must've been about 12 years ago now? This place definitely holds a real place in my heart and it was great to be here.Strange to think that I joined here at 16 and now I'm most of the way to 30. Crazy shit.
    11. Probably going to change the boost controller first, internally it's pretty much the same as the high pressure turbo, the LPT just farts out its boost before it does anything interesting. That'll give me about 50 ponies, after that it'll be stiffening the suspension as it's an absolute boat. maybe after i'll lookl at changing the pipes because with a proper kit the red block sounds angry as hell.
    12. Literally had 5 folding tables in it yesterday and 2 bits of 2x4 in it today. seats folded down is about the size of a double bed back there (proof, put an inflatable one in there and used it as a bed once :P)
    13. The new TVR Griffith finally got shown off and my god is it a looker. It's not quite the carnival of sneering, ludicrous, plastic, slashed and vented danger which would have been a pearlescent painted TVR from 10 years ago, but it still looks mean. Really looking forwards to seeing and hearing it on the track. Especially since they're taking it to LeMans [ATTACH]29950[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29951[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29952[/ATTACH]
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