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Found 53 results

  1. E3 - Xbox Experience [uPDATED 25/10/08] The New Xbox Experience is coming November 19th John Schappert, Corporate Vice President of Xbox LIVE, Services and Software, announced today during his Tokyo Game Show keynote that the New Xbox Experience will ship to Xbox 360's around the world (in 26 countries, localized in 11 languages) on November 19th 2008. From MAjor Nelson NXE: Memory Upgrade Program Details Hey everyone - you've probably seen the buzz online about the NXE Memory Upgrade Program, and I've certainly seen a bit of confusion around it. You can find full details on your local Xbox.com now at www.Xbox.com/storage (this page also links to the Memory Upgrade Program page), but to try and make it as clear and simple as possible here's the deal: To receive the New Xbox Experience when it launches on November 19 you will need at least 128 MB of memory either on your console itself, on a removable Memory Unit, or on a hard drive. If you DO NOT have this memory available through any of these methods you may be eligible for a memory upgrade offer - visit Xbox.com/storage for the details. You will need to provide your GamerTag, your console ID number and your console serial number. Instructions on how to find these are on the site. Naturally, the more storage memory you have in your console the more you'll be able to enjoy all the downloadable features NXE will bring. Just to reiterate, you can find all the details and a link to the Memory Upgrade program at your local Xbox.com: www.Xbox.com/storage. Hope that's all clear - if not let me know! From aceybongos blog Some of the features in the new Xbox experience (8 person chat, VGA support and more) Xbox LIVE GM Marc Whitten (Notwen) has sent me the following letter to share with the Xbox LIVE Community. I goes into a little more detail about some of the new features that are coming as part of the new Xbox Experience this Fall. I'll work on getting Marc on a future show to discuss further. Dear Xbox LIVE Member, When we launched Xbox 360 in November 2005, Xbox LIVE was integrated directly into the console. Back then, Xbox 360 was the first system to deliver access to experiences beyond just the disc in the tray. With the Xbox guide and dashboard you had access to everything on your console as well as your community. We also imagined that Xbox experience would continuously improve over time, through the power of software. Since launch, you’ve always pushed us to continuously innovate. It is because you spoke with one loud voice that we added new features like background downloading, 1080p support, movies and TV shows, video chat, a Marketplace blade and instant messaging. Over time, as we’ve delivered more and more content into the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, we’ve heard from many of you that it has become increasingly difficult to find the games and content you want. And that brings us to today. Because of your feedback, we started rethinking the entire Xbox experience. What we discovered was that we could not only provide a better experience for you, but also something that reaches out to new audiences. What John Schappert unveiled for the world on stage at E3 was just a sneak preview, so I wanted to share some deeper details on some of the new features in the new Xbox experience. Here is a look at some additional features you will find interesting: · Play from hard drive. Copy your games from the game disc and play directly from the hard drive. Not only will the drive not spin, but load times are quicker, as well. Of course, you will still need the disc in the tray to prove you own the game. · Access Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web. Browse and purchase Marketplace content whenever you want from Xbox.com and it downloads automatically to your console. Purchase that new map, television episode, the latest Xbox LIVE Arcade game or set up a movie to watch when you get home from work. · Dashboard built into the new Xbox Guide. For everyone who loves the blades interface, it’s not going away; they are now built directly in to the new Xbox guide. Every feature and option is available right from the guide. You can even access your full games library at all times. No matter where you are (in dash or in game), immediately call up your games played list and directly launch a game. · LIVE Party system. Create a party of up to eight friends, and stay with them from one game to another, or watch a Netflix movie together, or share a slideshow of your personal photos. It works with all Xbox 360 titles, not just upcoming games. LIVE Party allows up to eight people to chat in the dashboard, so you can meet up before playing. · Xbox LIVE Primetime. This whole new category of games is going to give you more reasons to get online with your friends. Games will support everything you’d expect, like Achievements and leader boards, but many of these games will include real prizes. You can invite your friends, and even set a reminder for an upcoming show. Each game is broadcast simultaneously, so everyone is answering the same questions. Many events will have a live host, calling the shots as they happen. · Avatars. Your online identity started as a Gamertag - it then grew into a personalized Gamercard. Now, it has evolved even further into avatars. You can express your style, check out new outfits and share this with the community. Avatars will also be integrated into Xbox LIVE Arcade games, LIVE Party, as well as retail games. · New display support. Because you asked for it, we are adding 16X10 over VGA or HDMI, and support for 1440x900 or 1680x1050. This is only the beginning. Over the next few months, we will share more details on the upcoming changes. See you online, Marc Whitten Gamertag- Notwen # # # Edge magazine have had a hands on of the new Xbox Experiance, http://www.edge-online.com/magazine/...-live-part-one and heres part 2 of that article: http://www.edge-online.com/magazine/...side-xbox-live Update 13/9/08 New Xbox Experience: Games played Today we’re kicking off a series of posts around the upcoming New Xbox Experience (known internally as NXE) where were going to go show off some some new screenshots and details. Today we are showing you what you’re games played list will look like. If you attended my demo at PAX this year, you’ll recall I spent some time on this area. If you missed the demo, head over to the Gamerscore blog where Sara has posted a few more details around what you can expect in your new Games Played slot. I’ll have Marc Whitten on the show this week to talk about what you can expect in the coming weeks in terms of posts about new NXE features. From Major Nelson New Xbox Experience: A look at Avatars Ever since Avatars in the new Xbox experience were unveiled at E3 eariler this year, people have been asking to see more. In this week's Developer Diary, I do a quick look at the Avatar creation section of the new Xbox experience. While this is by no means a complete walk- through, it will give you an idea of what is coming with this part of the new Xbox experience. (click link to see video) From Major Nelson. New Xbox Experience: Themes and Friends Channel In this weeks Developer Diaries, we take a look at the new themes and the Friends channel. This is to follow up on the themes we showed you at E3. We’ve got some new screenshots that show what the new themes will look like, as well as how current themes will appear. We also take a look at the friends channel, which is where you’ll see your friends avatars (don’t worry…the friends list as you know it is still available in the guide.) Head on over to Flickr to see more screens and the Gamerscore blog for more details. From Major Nelson Update 3/10/08 New Xbox Experience: Games Marketplace This week, we take a look at the Games Marketplace. As you can tell in the below before and after screenshots, the team has done some great work in redesigning the Marketplace to showcase information about each game. In addition to seeing the downloads available for each game, you’ll also be able to look at screen shots and game details (like on Xbox.com.) The Gamerscoreblog has a more in depth post about this, but I’ve posted the high resolution versions of these (and more new Marketplace images) on my Flickr so you can see it for yourself. Marketplace Today Marketplace in the New Xbox Experience (available later this year) Also, For those that are wondering: The New Xbox Experience will ship later this year. As in before the New Year. From Major Nelson Update 11/10/08 (or 10/11/08 depending on what side of the pond your on) New Xbox Experience: Marketplace on the Web One of the cool new features that our team has been working on is Marketplace on the web. When the New Xbox Experience launches on November 19th, you’ll be able to browse the Marketplace on Xbox.com, and queue up downloads. The next time you turn on your Xbox 360, the aforementioned items will begin to download. Also, when I make a post about a new demo, or DLC here, I’ll be able to link directly to that download so you can read it here, click the link and automagically add it to your download queue. Easy. Head over to the Gamerscoreblog for screenshots. Search Results for "****": Game Detail Page: Purchase Confirmation: Download Queue: Info Major Nelson, Pics gamerscoreblog New Xbox Experience: Community Games When the New Xbox Experience is available on November 19th, a whole new way to experience games will be available. The Xbox LIVE Community Games Channel, powered by the XNA Creators Club, is going to allow aspiring developers to share their creations with the 14–million Xbox LIVE members. This week, I caught up with Kathleen Sanders from the XNA Communty team who shares some details: *click link for video* From Major NElson Update 25/10/08: New Xbox Experience: Netflix and Video Marketplace This week, we take a brief look at how Netflix and the Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace will look in the New Xbox Experience. Sara over at the Gamerscore blog has posted details and a couple of screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect on November 19th. The New Xbox Experience Preview program I know that many of you are excited to get your hands on the New Xbox Experience, which will go live all Xbox LIVE regions wide on November 19th. Well, we’re just as excited to as you are so I am happy to announce that I’ve been working on a little project that I think may interested you. Working with various teams across Xbox, we’ve developed a program to allow a select few of you early access to NXE. How do you get chosen? The first step is to head on over to Microsoft Connect, sign in with your Windows LIVE ID and join the "Xbox 360 Fall 2008 Preview Program" by clicking on this link, https://connect.microsoft.com/Invita...YWQ&SiteID=719. Once you do that, you need to fill out the "Xbox 360 Fall Flash Preview Sign Up" survey in order to be considered for receiving the Preview System Update. We're asking a few questions about where you live, your home network, ISP connection and a few other pieces of information. We are looking for a good cross-section of our members in order to get the best feedback we can. The LIVE Service team will then review all of the applications and if you’re selected we’ll send you an email notifying you of your acceptance in the program. A couple of points before you head off to register: · We’re looking for a few thousand participants, so your chances of making it in are good · This opportunity is open to all Xbox LIVE Members in regions where Xbox LIVE is available · Just completing the survey does not automatically get you access to the NXE. We’ll be making final selections from from the completed surveys. · Xbox LIVE Gold and Silver members can sign up. Priority will be given to Gold members in the selection process. If you are accepted, you'll hear from us in about a week. Make sure your information on Connect is updated so we can email you. Good luck! From Major Nelson
  2. MS wants to be first out of the gate with Xbox 720 Posted Jun 16th 2008 4:15PM by Dustin Burg Filed under: News, Console wars Talking with VentureBeat, Xbox 360 boss Robbie Bach chatted about where the Xbox brand is headed next generation, reconfirming their plan to be the first out of the console release gate once again. "If you take the question of whether it was the right thing to try to be first [with Xbox 360], the answer to that is definitely yes" Bach told VentureBeat, "it has given us a leg up with game developers. It has given us a leg up from an economics perspective. It helped us expand Xbox Live quickly. At a strategy level, if you asked if we wanted to be first again, I would say yes." Plain and simple. Then again, trying to beat the PS4 to market won't be all that hard for Microsoft seeing that Sony has publicly announced their plans to make it a ten year console. Right? Xbox 720 in 2011, bring it on! Source
  3. Rumor: "Avatars" are Microsoft's take on Mii's? Posted Jun 15th 2008 2:00PM by Terrence Stasse Filed under: News, Xbox Live, Rumors Well, well, well, what have we here? Looks like we're finally getting some real evidence that Microsoft really does have some sort of response to Nintendo's Miis on the way. It's been rumored for some time now and the above shot of the linked flash page seems to portend the end of the rumors. Giving the rumor more credibility is that the information contained in the image, supposedly taken from an online survey, conforms to details recently given to Joystiq by a trusted source. These "Xbox Avatars" certainly look to do everything that Miis do and more. Taking into account that Microsoft doesn't seem too troubled by the rest of the year, this, along with the rumored "Newton" controller, could possibly be what they're betting the farm on. Hmm ... E3 should sure be interesting this year ... [Thanks Mighty Healthy] Source
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