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  1. Hello people. I think I treated this topic before in Platinum mod article yet I found no solution, so I will try with a thread. I was trying to look for some sort of a fix or extension (.ASI script or something) to improve the controller/gamepad support. I have my own XBOX 360 Controller for Windows (wired) and it's the only way I could enjoy this game unlike with a keyboard (besides I can't afford a wheel right now). "Why this, if vanilla XInput is functional enough?" Uhm, I don't think so, and will explain why: I came from other games (some of them newer than this) with full-fledged XInput, like Juiced 2, Driver San Francisco, Blur, Need for Speed SHIFT saga (although both titles don't count on dedicated prompts) and even tried the Test Drive Unlimited 2 itself, which DOES have it full-fledged! So, if in Platinum mod this can't be archieved integrating it on game's code (which seems to be harder, so I'd get you if so), I wouldn't mind at all about an .ASI script if this game allows its use (maybe it won't, otherwise I should've seen several of them in here and out there...). What I am seeking from this "enhancement", is at very least... *Mainly: - Independent mapping from Controls settings (in case of an .ASI script, could simply be on an .INI file), so we'll not have to overwrite keyboard bindings. - Deadzone, Saturation and/or Sensitivity settings, in case of drifting on axes (those using gamepads surely know how this is). *Optional: (Not necessary but pretty cool additions) - Gamepad GUI prompts (these can just be imported from 360 version; wouldn't mind if they're in form of .TPK files). - Vibration system (if disabled or directly not included by default; could be imported from 360 version as well; I don't know). If there's possibly something like this already out there, I would appreciate it. Otherwise... Yes! This is mostly a mod request; beg you pardon if not allowed or if didn't remarked it as that. I'd be pleased to do this all by my own, if I only had the expertise of high-rank modders or experienced (excuse redundancy) developers. By now I'm just learning Python, yet am not sure at all if it works to create .ASI scripts. I guess that's it for now. Have a nice day, everyone!
  2. I'm trying to adjust my TDU1 settings om PC to resemble those on the Xbox 360 version. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideal mappings for the Xbox ONE controller that come close to the same?
  3. Xbox head Phil Spencer has written an interesting article confirming a few points regarding the future of gaming within the Xbox family. Once again, he sounds confident that their success will not be measured in the number of consoles sold, since he promotes the playing of new titles on old hardware for those who can't upgrade or choose not to. Could it be that Microsoft will offer their new consoles on a 24-month payment plan alongside Xbox Game Pass for a low enough monthly fee, that traditional PlayStation owners are tempted enough to switch? Or get both consoles instead of just the PS5? Will parents who typically buy a console as a gift for children be attracted to this new model where they don't have to spend $70+ per game since the monthly price includes access to a new console plus 100+ games plus multiplayer (Live Gold) access bundled in one reasonable fee? Have a read through the following article and let us know your thoughts. Don't forget to come back for the next Xbox game stream scheduled for next Thursday (July 23).
  4. Rumours are creating a lot of discussions around what was previously codenamed an upcoming Xbox One Maverick console. A new name and preorder date have surfaced. Meet the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: While we can't 100% confirm this name is final, players have been quick to abbreviate it this SAD console and jeer Microsoft's marketing department for this seeming oversight. Preorders for this console are anticipated to begin in April 2019. No information about specs is available at this time, but we assume it will be very similar to existing Xbox One S hardware, perhaps with revised cooling and obviously no optical drive. Perhaps the in-built storage specifications are increased significantly to allow more simultaneous game installations. But then again, perhaps a justification against this is that owners of this console will be more likely to stream their games rather than purchase and install them. This would allow for the SAD Box to be sold cheaper. But will you need a console at all? Microsoft has been talking about making it's Cloud Game Streaming service available on all sorts of devices, including the Nintendo Switch and even on PlayStation. (I really can't imagine Sony signing up for that). Consoles often have sold at slim profit margins - it's the games and online services that rake in the money. So if Microsoft can have players using (or just paying for) its services on any devices, there aren't too many reasons left to care about selling consoles. Performance? Servers handle the performance of rendering streamed games. What about PCs? It sure has been nice to be able to play Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3 + 4 on my PC, even without an active Xbox Live Gold subscription. But I fear this may not last. A new 'fast-ring' preview build of Windows 10 has been revealed to support playing Xbox Game disc images natively, with Microsoft providing one game to these beta users for free and encouraging them to try playing the game and reporting feedback. This seems to suggest that future versions of Windows 10 will be able to play any Xbox 1 game. But when that happens, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft requires these PC players to have Xbox Live Gold. While fast gaming PCs may cost more to build, part of this is significantly offset by having free multiplayer and cheaper games. This being true in the future seems uncertain. Forza titles are only sold on PC through the Microsoft store, and at a very high price compared to what Steam customers may be used to. If you own one of these games on disc, there is no way to claim a digital copy on PC. The only saving grace is that the game can be purchased once for both PC and Xbox hardware, and with free multiplayer to boot. What about you? If you already own an Xbox One S or X edition, the new SAD edition won't offer much for you. If you don't, would you consider this as an option this late in the product lifecycle? Would you instead wait and see if a newer faster Xbox is released in a year or two? Have you tried any game streaming services before? What were your impressions? I've had bad experiences streaming Steam games over my wired LAN, so as a fan of racing games where quick reflexes (and minimal frame delays) are key, the prospect of streaming over the Internet doesn't seem like it will ever be viable for me.
  5. It's (almost) that time of the year again folks. E3 Games Expo 2018 begins with conferences starting on Saturday, June 9th, then opens to the public on Tuesday, June 12th. Here's what we've got to look forward to: Saturday 9th June Electronic Arts [11am PT | 2pm ET | 7pm BST] Kicking off E3 with the EA conference, we can expect to see the latest instalment of their EA Sports franchises such as FIFA, Madden, NHL, etc, as well as a new , and the addition of some new IPs such as Anthem from BioWare. Sunday 10th June Microsoft [1pm PT | 4pm ET | 9pm BST] Next up we have the Microsoft conference, which will be held next door to E3 because it's damn popular to fit in the LA Convention Center.. seriously. We can expect, as usual, a new Forza announced, Halo, Gears of War, and possibly a return of the Fable franchise if the rumours are true. Bethesda [6:30pm PT | 9:30pm ET | 2:30am BST] It looks like we can expect to see a new AAA title from Bethesda, a return of Elder Scrolls or more likely an expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, and some new DLC content for existing games. Oh.. and a NEW FALLOUT Monday 11th June Square Enix [10am PT | 1pm ET | 6pm BST] After the rousing success of Tomb Raider, it looks like we'll be getting a preview of the sequel, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Final Fantasy fans can also look forward to seeing the remade FF7. Ubisoft [1pm PT | 4pm ET | 9pm BST] Ubisoft will continue to kick a dead horse build upon its legacy with additions to their long running franchises Assasin's Creed and Tom Clancy (The Division 2) and returning Beyond Good & Evil which is almost as old as I am. Maybe some more footage of The Crew 2? Sony [6pm PT | 9pm ET | 2am BST] Don't expect to see the PlayStation 5 just yet, the PS4 has got a few years left in it yet, but there will be plenty to look forward to such as Marvel's Spiderman and The Last of Us Part 2. Tuesday 12th June Nintendo [9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm BST] Finishing off the conferences will be Nintedo's video presentation highlighting the upcoming Smash Bros for the Switch and a few other titles coming to the Switch such as Pokemon (we hope), new Kirby and Yoshi games, and perhaps a new Animal Crossing. Related Threads The Crew 2 Pre-Launch Discussion Forza Horizon 4 Pre-Launch Discussion Where Can I Watch? E3 YouTube Electronic Arts YouTube Xbox YouTube E3 Twitch IGN Playstation Stream
  6. The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia I had ordered was delivered today and I was excited to finally play some driving games properly as my previous wheel broke down a while ago. My favorite driving game, for the reason of being a fan of Top Gear UK, is Test Drive Unlimited. The very last thing I expected to be problematic about the wheel is the compatibility as it was claimed that it has full Xbox360 and PC support. Turns out that the xbox compatibility is creating a PC compatibility problem. When I go to the control settings menu in the game and I attempt to assign anything to the wheel absolutely nothing happens. The game appears not to even acknowledge that a controller is present. I read about the problem and it turns out Test Drive Unlimited is notorious for having compatibility problems with some xbox-compatible controllers. The reason for that, I figure, is that those devices generate Xinput rather than DirectInput, which is what a standard controller generates. I tried, then, to convert one into the other with the use of the x360ce emulator, which is, as far as I can figure out, supposed to do just that. I put the executable in the game folder, I run it as administrator, I click ok to the two question boxes that ask for permission to make a file, and then the program opens up and... immediately crashes completely. Tried two different versions, same result. I also tried the Pinnacle Game Profiler and Xpadder. These programs just take the input of your controller and assign it to a key of your keyboard so that for example when in-game the throttle is assigned to "w", I can still use my controller to... control it. However, while it works lovely for all the buttons, it does not recreate the analogue axes of the wheel and the pedals and so those act like digital buttons (either full or nothing), which defeats the purpose of having a wheel in the first place. In addition to that, I installed the Microsoft Xbox360 accessories driver, and then also the XBCD driver, but they didn't do anything. I've been tinkering and bodging this thing all day and it's driving me mad as I bought a fairly pricey piece of equipment that turned out to be incompatible with the very game I wanted to play with it the most. Please somebody tell me there's a workaround or a fix. :( btw. it should be noted that the wheel works just fine with every other game I tested it with so it's not to blame.
  7. This guy's a genius (and a whole lotta people are a bit thick) :rofl: NSFW Language Have you come across any other clever player names before?
  8. Forza Motorsport 5 is officially revealed at the Xbox One event today. There is no further info yet besides the announcement CGI teaser from the Xbox One event. The release will be together with the new Xbox One console coming the end of this year. More info & footage will be revealed at E3 2013 in 20 days. But for now we can only enjoy the new teaser posted below. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy_LDyfCANg E3 Off-screen Gameplay
  9. You can follow players, and if they follow you back (or vice versa) you become friends. Friends from X360 carry over to Xbox One. Limit of 1000 friends. http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/14/xbox-one-friends/?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000601
  10. If they think I'm going to spend $550AU on their console + $100 on FM5 and then not have any concerns that my $1300 wheel/pedal/shifter combo doesn't work with it then they must be crazy. PS4 just won (for me)
  11. Does anyone have a complete mapping of how to get all the controls working for the Xbox 360 controller on TDU? I've got the driving down, but I can't seem to get the radio and other items to work right.
  12. Hello all I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in making a club for tdu2 on xbox as i never really seem to find a decent club on the xbox anymore. So if anyone would be interested in making a new club with me please let me know and we can chat more about it.
  13. Since GTA has a huge fanbase, I'm pretty sure some of us will also grab in the fun. So why not create a list with our xbox live / psn usernames so that we can all gather and play this thing together when it comes out! Reply with your id and I'll add it to the list, also mention if xbox or psn :p
  14. Hi, I've been having issues where I get an error saying that I have some mandatory content required. I have downloaded them all, cleared the cache, wiped my save e.t.c. I have done everything I can think of and it's really frustrating because I want to play this with my friends but I can't because of this error. Can anyone help me?
  15. http://www.videogamer.com/news/xbox_one_no_longer_requires_kinect_to_function.html
  16. Hello I need your help to configure best settings. 1 years ago on TDU 2 forum i found very good settings for XBOX360 Controller but now forum is disabled :( Please help me to configure best settings, sometime sensitivity seems very high, sometime when i drive fast (100km\h) i can't turn in a corner without damage, and need to decrease speed on 50-60
  17. Your Feedback Matters – Update on Xbox One
  18. Hey guys, not really too sure where else to ask this so if I am asking in the wrong place please to tell me + how to move a thread and I will. I was just wondering if it was possible to blip the throttle on a car when changing down while using the Xbox 360 controller for PC. Cheers :D
  19. http://au.gamespot.com/news/microsoft-teases-huge-xbox-360-announcement-for-e3-6408719 What could it be? :hmmm:
  20. The Xbox Infinity logo that was leaked on Reddit. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/465267/20130507/xbox-infinity-confirmed-name-new-microsoft-console.htm
  21. Well well well, I wonder what Microsofts answer. Do you think it will be up to the fight? Xbox, A New Generation Revealed - Xbox.com
  22. Just a quick post to inform that a new Mandatory DLC appeared on the Xbox Marketplace today called 'Mandatory 4'. This is more than likely the patch the PC got about 4+ months ago that fixed the stickers display in the shop and also tried to implement force feedback (FFB). Anyone who can try out a FFB wheels and report back on it's support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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