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Camouflaged Corvette C7 coming to GT5?

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Whooooooooo are you?

A post appeared on the well known and popular Gran Turismo fan community GT Planet by user jstickboy13 showing an off-screen photograph of a Camouflaged Corvette C7. As with everything on the internet, scepticism and 'FAAAAKKEEE' was quick to show itself as was the CSI forensic experts who were out with their Photoshop, changing the Brightness and Levels of the image to see if they could reveal the truth behind the image itself. This just made things even more inconclusive until a white knight ...well another member in fact, new at that too posted a video showing the spinning camouflaged Vette in all its glory. So people, thank edwinpr for the video below.


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The C7 mule exists, and GT5 have made it. They have done that with the GT-R, the game has the GT-R "black mask" version, that is basically a hidden GT-R.


I am guessing the same will happen with this Corvette. But one thing was really cool, it got added in the game without any info. Totally an "easter egg" from PD. Since this car also can't be seen in the dealership.

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