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  1. You can type in whatever you want. Password and so on do not care anybody, it won't be checked. If you don't know the e-mail address to your old account this might be a problem. Maybe you try it out if it works, otherwise you're supposed to make a new account. Glad to see you, btw :)
  2. @326powah Seriously? You're trying to play TDU on a technical preview? Windows 10 TP is meant to find bugs and microsoft looks for improvements together with the userbase. It's REALLY not meant to be your main operating system where you play your games. It is recommended to have your main system based on Windows 8.1 or Windows 7.
  3. I have some questions concerning the G27 patch. First: Is it possible to make the RPM lights more dependend on the actual RPM of the car and its max RPM? Because there are some cars which rev 8000 rpm and the red lights on the G27 are already on when you hit 6000 or 6500 rpm. Even wider is this gap when you're riding bikes. Second: The first green lights sometimes do not turn off when you quit the game and your car was turned on before. Is that possible to fix? But altogether it works great! And it seems like that manual port forwarding and the deactivation of UPnP in the PP Launcher let me join others faster.
  4. I drove with some others yesterday evening. It went absolutely smooth and it felt as good as with version 0.02A. But once you are not in a session (you activated GPS on the map e.g.) it's very random and not easy to get in a new session, even if you actually joined a certain player. I tried joining players via clicking them on the map, also waited some time ingame on the street. Well, it worked after some minutes but for a moment I was remebered to the old times, where joining a friend ingame was rather an accident and a little portion of luck. @engine temperature Who cares about that kind of realism in TDU? Fuel consumption is nice to have (and also understandable because of the now working fuel stations) but I think there are a lot of things more important than a simulation of the engine temperature, like working clubs, Drive-ins, Multiplayer-race-sessions, friend list, etc.
  5. Okay, thanks for reply Speeder! :) I will have a look into it :) The traffic issue, I had, is gone since I turned vsync on. Thanks for the hint :)
  6. @Speeder As I sad, it's only with him and just very few others. Looked after my NAT type in TDU2 and there it is Open: FullCone. I think, this is the best one so far. I also have this txt where it's said: "Game started at: 19:18:21 - 15/11/2014 upnpDiscover() found UPnP devices on network valid gateway device found port 8889 successfully opened, no manual action needed Game exited at: 19:52:21 - 15/11/2014 port 8889 successfully closed" So, everything should be fine imo. Usually I don't have any problems with anyone, 8 player sessions run as smooth as it could be in TDU. Or does he may have some issues and it is not my fault, because he doesn't see me lagging?
  7. I have DSL16000 and my ping to German servers is between 9ms and 15ms, port 8889 is definitely open. When I join a certain friend I have quite often a bad connection to him, while everyone else in this session has red nicknames, which means that they have a really good connection. Whem I'm alone with him, or with only 1-2 others, he has by accident a good connection in my game and his nickname is red, too. He does not have this problems with others, that all players but one have lags. He has a good internet connection and port 8889 is open as well! So why are there those problems? Is there still some development to improve the server performance or is the main work done concerning server performance?
  8. If you drive along, traffic cars in your own point of view have slightly different positions than they have at other players. It's not at once and always, but sometimes if you're in a longer session with the same players. So, you think and see that you pass a traffic car, but another player will see you crashing this traffic car. But I was not able to reproduce a testcase where it always happen.
  9. Just wanted to tell that everything is running smooth. No crashes, no lags, joining a session is working (but not very fast at the moment), port forwarding via UPnP is working as well :) I am quite confident! :)
  10. It might work, if you turn on UPnP, if you cannot find the menu where you can open ports. Very bad routers do not give the option to open a certain port (some ISP offer such routers...).
  11. Talking about realism in TDU? What? :D Well, the acceleration of the S7 is badass, but in relation to the CC8S or CCR understandable.
  12. @ People having an issue with the G27 fix. It might help, if you turn off your internet security software like Kaspersky, Norton, ESET, G Data, etc. I have G Data on my own and I have to turn G Data off before I start TDU, otherwise the program will stop the game while it's starting. But, after the game has started, I can turn on the firewall again and everything runs smooth with the fix, even the RPM lights are working, FFB as well. I do remember this S7 very well, okar :P
  13. Speeder, I'd like to kiss you :D Thanks a lot for the G27 fix. I do really appreciate your work! :)
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