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  1. nice gtst! got some updates on my r34, too. will post pictures and details soon. ;)
  2. thanks and nice pics SBcriss... I fitted some tein lowering springs (just a temporary solution against the rally optics :D, new coilovers are planned for 2015) and did some other small cosmetic upgrades on the r34 this weekend. New pics as soon as the weather will get better around here... :rolleyes:
  3. Speeder ist there any user statistics available from the server? For example most players online at the same time or how many active players over all since the beginning of the beta... would be interesting to know how big the response to this project is. (:
  4. I fixed the problem by removing all three extra options: -fuel -hd and -vsync. Forced vsync via NvidiaInspector. No more crashes until now, Speeder got a pm with my dumpfile. Will test tomorrow wich of the three additions caused the problem exactly.
  5. Guys've got a proplem: my game crashes nearly everytime i open the map. At first this happened only very rarely , but right now i'm completely unable to open the map, crashes every time.... Anyone else got this or possible solution?
  6. just start a new profile, insert a gamespay ID and password (no real ID is needed since gamespy is offline anyways) and start a new game. (:
  7. Create a shortcut to your TestdriveUnlimited.exe. Right click -> Properties -> add -fuel to the path field, right after your game path. Should look like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\TestDriveUnlimited.exe" -fuel *edit* too slow but yep, there you go :nods:
  8. my god this thread is propably going to make me buy a xbone! awesome work on those screenshots. :thumbsup:
  9. I have some problems with the time/weather progression and setting: I realized that the weather didn't change or progress at all during a multiple hour session yesterday. I checked the photomode and realized that the fast-forward function in the options menu did not work. Same thing with the Weather Condition, its only possible to change between B and D, but without any visible changes or effect. I used advanced options to readout weather debug and the displayed condition always remainde the same. I tried reinstalling, disabling all overlay programms as fraps, tried it with and without -fuel -hd -vsync, installed and deleted some FX weathermods (to make it more obvious). In very rare cases (I was unable to reproduce what was different) the problem disappeared in photomode, i was able to change everything and it also showed effect on the gameplay. But: jumping back to freeroam -> driving a few meters, entering photomode again, the problem was present again. Absolutely no idea how to solve this. Is anyone else having something similar?
  10. :hsquad::hsquad::hsquad: This is so awesome, still can't believe you made that happen. See you guys later online!
  11. Haha actually I never thought of reading it as winner :D. I originally picked the plate as the model code is ER34 as Mercedes-Benz figured out (also for the coupe). And the badge is on all non GTR Skylines I believe, but it propably gets removed alot since many GT or GTT owners are after a GTR look. Mostly with full GTR bodykit...
  12. cheers guys, love the car so far! Technically it is in good condition, runs smooth, but it has some cosmetic problems, especially the paint needs a good polish and has some scratches. But it could have been way worse for a 16 year old car... (:
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