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  1. Nice to see you guys are still working on keeping TDU2 somewhat active! Maybe I'll reinstall it to give it a try...
  2. Thanks, I'll also try to keep the quality up ;). I don't know when I will start on the carbon pack, since I'm busy with other things.
  3. Yep, all of the dreampack cars you bought will be turned into a pink mustang. Although it depends on what version of the database you have. If it is dream pack part 1, you will only lose the cars from part 2. If you have the stock database, you will lose all of the cars from unofficial patch+dreampack.
  4. You need to set up the TDU2DBCarList.xml correctly, or that's what I did at I don't get the wheelbase issue. Edit: Probably TDU2 servers that are messed up again.
  5. Woah, where did that rim bug come from. All the beta's were fine lol. EDIT: Could you try renaming the rims folder from "porsch" to "porsc" and try that?
  6. For the Macan I used the Lotus Sport Exige 240R, but it also happened when I tried to rename the Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  7. Yeah the root folder is set correctly, everything else works. If I use the name "Mercedes-AMG; G65" it works, but using "Mercedes-AMG; Macan Turbo" It just goes to "Macan Turbo; Macan Turbo" (before ; model name, after ; sub model name). Loading does not have a impact on it. Also, after the Macan name bug, Mercedes-AMG G65 also won't work.
  8. Already tried, I've pushed like almost every button you put in it :P. I have also tried a fresh install of the program, but that didn't change anything either. The only thing I haven't tried is editing my backup database. Edit: Backup also didn't work. Maybe it has to do with Windows 10?
  9. I think I see what I did wrong, for the Brand, I put it under RUF, And macan at the model name and Turbo at sub. Will try again in a minute. Edit: Nope, still getting the same problem. Even tried with a database that only has the unofficial patch. http://gyazo.com/688aede8bdaa88698ee6bd33251cdcb7 Steam Community :: Screenshot
  10. Ah, btw the name changing is super buggy for me. Whenever I change to name to, "Macan Turbo", it either ends up as turbo turbo or macan macan.
  11. Quick question, why did you remove Porsche?
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