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  1. NICE!! Thank you so much :)) --- Post Updated --- Just a suggestion btw, would you be able to make a mod for the new Q7? Or the S6 sedan? It's fine if you can't obviously but it'd be cool to see them in the game ;) Keep up the good work! :)
  2. Couldnt you replace it with the base slk 55 in the game? I can use TDU2VPE to do it myself so I wont complain but it would have been a better replacement performance wise, as well as convenience because not alot of other mods use the slk? --- Post Updated --- Nevertheless its a good mod, good job :)
  3. [ its fine i have this part working now ] --- Post Updated --- Ok nevermind that comment I got it working. ;)
  4. woah :0 does this work with autopack tho?
  5. Thank you so much, I'll try that. Much appreciated! :clap: --- Post Updated --- Thank you so much, I'll try that. Much appreciated! --- Post Updated --- Damn I still can't get it to work, any other suggestions? If you don't know don't worry, thanks for trying though!
  6. Hey I know this isn't related to Autopack but would anyone be able to help me figure out why TDU2 isnt detecting my controller? It works perfectly outside of TDU2 and it works fine in xbox360ce, but when I start the game it won't detect it in devices? Anyone able to help a guy out?
  7. The file is very large :eek: But nevertheless, its an awesome mod so its worth the space i suppose ;)
  8. Great mod! Interior looks so good :) Cant wait to use it, thank you!!
  9. Thanks binbow, and yeah its the one that was created or extracted when I unpacked the game, is that normal?
  10. Great mod but like the guys said the size is a bit disproportionate, it would be great to see it fixed! In the meantime, if you use camerahack to make the camera look further backward it reduces the problem a slight bit, not much, but makes it a little more playable ;))
  11. Hey binbow, having a slight problem with VPE, when I start up the program I get an error saying the specified file cannot be found, and there are no cars/values to edit, I then get an error that says TestDrive2.exe could not be found, it says to check the root folder but when I check each time, TestDrive2.exe is in the root folder, and I have set the folder correctly in the programs settings, what could be causing this? Any idea how to fix it? Screenshots of the errors and stuff are here: [ATTACH]26534[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26535[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26536[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26537[/ATTACH]
  12. Isn't this more or less the same as the VRS one made by Ruslan92?
  13. Love it!! Thank you so much!!
  14. Oh how I wish this was for TDU2 :drool: Great mod
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