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  1. I already tried that, it didn't work. Something is messed up with the 3D tire meshes. Only StarGT can fix them I'm afraid.
  2. Hey, I found a bug with the tires of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670. When you exchange the original rims for some other rims the tire meshes are clipping through the rims (see uploaded pictures). All the tires don't seem to be centered properly - they start to wobble once you drive with swapped rims.
  3. Sm0kiT

    Tires MegaPack Part 1 (30 of 60 tires)

    Really nice work :tup: Is it possible to also change the 3D model of the tires? Like having tires with more rounded edges as in some of the vehicle mods here?
  4. Sm0kiT

    TDU2 - Hawaii Complete Renovation V2

    Awesome mod :tup: Are you planning to do the same with Ibiza?
  5. Thanks for this mod collection :)
  6. No, he is right. My browser gives me a virus warning. The real download link to the mod is hidden behind an url shortener, of which many are scamming sites. Dunno why StarGT is stilling using these BS sites. Although when I think about it, he is trying to make a few quick bucks by using them I guess. Edit: Can a Mod/Admin review the links please? They seem to spread malware and thus shouldn't be allowed here.
  7. Sm0kiT

    Realistic Sky Clouds Pack V2

    I really like your overhaul mods :thumbsup:
  8. Sm0kiT

    VRS DESIGN©: BMW M5 E34 Touring

    Great mod, I really love the old E34 :nods:
  9. Sm0kiT

    VRS DESIGN©: Rolls-Royce Dawn

    Wow, what a beast, love it :happyspin:
  10. Yes, great mod :)
  11. Sm0kiT


    Nice Supra mod, like it ;)
  12. Sm0kiT

    Tires Pack for TDU 2

    Wow, this is huge :eek: I've been waiting for a tires mod for years. Thx a lot :bow:
  13. Sm0kiT

    TDU2 Hawaii - Modified and Renewed Nature

    Very nice indeed. Looking forward to upcoming updates :)