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  1. Looks kinda Mafia car.Good job.Maybe W124 Coupe version next to it ?
  2. What did i said ? An M3 E30 with a turbocharger it`s a walking rocket.
  3. Add a turbo to an BMW M3 E30 and it goes from car status to rocket status.And about the dashboard, it`s just a dash...nothing out of ordinary.I like my dashboard to be black and with wood insert xD
  4. Epic Picture Calster17! Renault 11 Vs Volkswagen Golf Mk1.
  5. Hey! Any old school cars in work?I`m looking forward to your work.Goo luck!
  6. Damn...i`m gonna rip your E30 to pieces!!! Good job with it.One Sick BMW is gonna hit O`ahu soon i guess.
  7. Right under the belt.Well i can`t say that you are wrong.You speak the truth.The ugly truth for them.
  8. How about just destroy the game and rebuild it from scrap?Too many bugs for a game that was pushed back 3 months or so.And TDU1 appeared like 2006-2007 right?We are in 2011.They got like 4-5 years to make the game flawless.
  9. I don`t have problems with spaces.And money again no problem.I`m just tired of some cars and i wanna sell them.Because that`s how i feel.So Atari, patch this up fast.
  10. How can i sell a car ?Now this is something they need to fix ASAP.
  11. Mine`s the Audi RS6 and some times the S5 and Alfa Romeo MiTO
  12. Oahu it`s old...i mean come on?How many times have you seen the same places?Well some places are worth seeing 1000000 times but..it`s old.Ibiza refreshes the whole game.If it was only Oahu why bother calling the game TDU2?
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