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  1. These one-brand games always seem to get really old really quickly. Without cars from different brands meant specifically to compete, balanced races are liable to be limited to two or three cars. Hardly what I'd call an exciting grid.
  2. No I don't, it absolutely refuses to work for me so I have given up on it.
  3. You have Steam yet?
  4. It's been years, but we finally have the beta for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad! Get in the TDUC Steam group and let's play! For those not-in-the-know, Red Orchestra is a super-realistic FPS based on the Russian front, developed entirely by a mod team that went big. It's PC only, and they've clearly figured out how to do it right. WARNING This is meant as a realistic game. Explosions will remove limbs. Run and hide if you have a weak stomach/don't like this stuff. Original trailer: Gameplay trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihDjGvRiutk Second trailer: If any of you from Germany need to get the game then PM me and we'll work something out. Thus far, gifting from any other territory will bypass the German censorship rules and you won't get a cut-down version.
  6. Rasterbator works brilliantly, and the effect is pretty unique as well. Just use that?
  7. You're welcome :lol:
  8. /facepalm Thanks mate :p
  9. Oh right :hmmm: If someone asks, I wasn't 2 months late :leaves: Clicky!
  10. sdfkmlrgwmeflmds fd.gnrjlwnmfekwlcenw dvmwmfeklqmdfwqkf/amdffewfweffwefegr.
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