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  1. OMG :) This interior is absolutely magnificent :D I´ll test it! But on the picture the interior is brilliant
  2. Very nice Minime ! I´m so excited to drive your little beast (1M Coupe) ingame :D This will be the best TDU2 Mod Ever! I read that Jorge finished the sound and you´re only waiting for the HUD! And he wrote that the release will be probably tonight! *YEEEEEES!!!!*
  3. Very nice car Reve! ;) Maybe the interior could be more detailed or could have better textures, but I like it anyway :P
  4. Very nice interior. Much better than the old interiors you created! :) Good luck with finishing the car :D
  5. Nice car, but we don´t have a unpacker :(
  6. Nice that the tool works, but it works very bad. Very often when I edit the cam the helmet(bike) or the head(car) is in front of it! So we need a new Cam-Tool, that works as well as the latest cam-hack
  7. Maserati Quattroporte GTS Sound Mod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNOVrYHC3M8
  8. Mercedes C63 AMG Sound Mod! Please write what you think about it ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRIhnF-a5KA
  9. Very nice sound! I have to say...It´s much better than my RS6 sound mod :) But I mod only since 2 months ;)
  10. I found a bug (I think^^) : The brakedisks aren´t there :) Behind the rims there´s only black!
  11. Please make the R8 V10 rims, because the "Atari-Rims" of the R8 V10 are very bad :)
  12. Final Version released :) Hope you guys like it :)
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