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  1. So I've been in the NL, visited a lot of it, saw my sister again, her bf and her bf's family again! It's a great country, loved every single bit of it, but returning home is also nice. Today was my return, great people on the plane too, this should be in the good day thread right?? We got to our car and it had a huge scratch on the driver's door, some jealous arsewipe or a frustrated soul perhaps. We payed 90€ to leave it on that covered airport parking (P6 lisbon airport), and the responsible for the park didn't even bother coming down to check, he imediately said nothing to do. So we went to the police, presented a crime complaint, lawyer at the ready, and the vigilant of the park called us and showed us a CCTV video, Today a guy went by our car, looked at CCTVs (he had a key on one hand, and a backpack on another), crossed the road, then re crossed into where our car was, but behind the CCTV, he walked by our car, herp derp, then suddenly made an OOH RIGHT FACE, and turned right back into our car, and he got caught by another CCTV he didn't see. The vigilant wrote on a paper which CCTVs caught him and at what time so the police can skip to that part when they get the video. Bloody idiots.
  2. We're away so our current car is a rental Merc C180 Automatic hu3 (Terribly slow changing gears with a huge throttle delay btw)
  3. How much can parity mean they don't want to actually properly port their code and change it to an optimized code for PC apis?
  4. I'll do the informatics part of it :panic:
  5. Heh so glad I only had Mathematical Analysis I. Knowing what I went through with Analysis I, I can imagine Analysis II's a real headache :eek:
  6. It's my own dialect, uneducated being. My English has been going down the train. Must start practicing again.
  7. Holy Sheep! What are you studying?
  8. ^ Implying ALL the implications hassan :cheeky:
  9. Pressing the spoiler button on your reply: Expectation: GO Eff yourself you lil crap Reality (let me see): Tom was actually a good guy <3
  10. 84, lel. 2079 2+7+9 = 18 Since I'll have lived more than 60 years... : 18/6 = 3 HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
  11. Hassan, perhaps it's time for you to logout.. :pathead:
  12. That's just mean hassan. Would have expected your parents to have taught you better than that :read:
  13. Yea, that road which starts at 8:13 is awesome, both by car and by bike ^.^ It has, sadly, carved many human lives, but it's great for driving pleasure :D Some rally events have stages there. Hipothetically, if my dad was ever to drive above the speed limits...Hipothetically, he would have done that road at night doing some of those corners at 120km/h and scaring the crap out of me making me sweat and think twice before going with him for a drive during night time when the roads are empty.. Hipothetically!
  14. Destroyed one, does this help at all? :mhmm:
  15. I traded a kidney for an extra heart just to hold my passion for Milli. It's officially broken now :cheeky: Aww <3 Yea me and Milli started talking some years ago, then we got mad at each other, then we became friends again and I really enjoy her friendship, she's been super nice to me and has helped me a good bit with a certain thing :p
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