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Status Updates posted by MagicV8

  1. Hey, I saw you were here at Turboduck in last October.

    I just watched your tutorial vids. Thank you for your effort. 👍
    When do you exspect to complete your series.
    There is some stuff missing after latest vid no. 4 😉


    1. Driver:TDU


      Hi! Glad that people find my "tutorials" useful at some point. Honestly i always thought about it like an unsuccesful try 😅 As for the vid. №5 or smth, well that was quite a while since i actually made something for TDU, so i guess now i need tutorials for myself to complete this 😆 But since i'm back in tdu to fooling around with my friend, i have some nostalgic feelings about all this. So i dunno, maybe it would make more sense to film completly new vids with more tips and details and better language skiils (really hope that i've become better lol) and maybe even finished legendary f12 😁 But i'm not really sure about it because of freetime amount. 

      So dont want to give promises, but i'll maybe try to check whats left of my modding skills and than it will be seen if its possible to do something like new tutorials and some new mods.

    2. MagicV8


      Glad to hear you are back 👍
      I am finger crossing that you'll find some free time to do. 🙂
      Lately I gave vid tutorials by some other modders (e.g. [email protected]) here for reuploading at Turboduck youtube channel.
      Perhaps something is helpful.

      Have fun at TDU. 🚗

  2. Hey man,

    what do you think about this:


    1. Minime891


      Upload them, I'd like to see what I did. 

      Do you know when I made them? 

  3. Heyho Milli,

    sometimes I find cars like this on the added picture.
    Could you give me a complete list with some data / readme files about this and others cars, please?
    Well,  I need the datas for the overview like you know from my website.

    Would be really great and appreciated. 😉

    TestDriveUnlimited 2020-04-11 23-47-25-80.jpg

    1. Milli


      Cars in Platinum that are not anywhere else are mostly the S2000 tune variants and the NSX Type S Zero and it's Rocket Bunny kit (which is unfinished), the rest, i suppose you have them all. Lol

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