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  1. Like said in the headline I have a big problem with ZModeler 2.2.6 (Build 993). It's registered on my. When importing the TDU Ford GR-1 for example all is fine. But when opening the Texture Manager, all thumbs and previews within there are black. I also installed the latest DX9 and 2005 VCRedist files incl. service packs too. This problem I don't have with ZModeler 2.2.4 by a friend. A solution is appreciated very much. PS at admins: I was not able to select the TDU / Tools forum (and many others too by tge way), so please move this to the Tools forums.
  2. It's managed by the modder this way, mostly on Miha2795 mods I guess. You cannot do anything about that, only the (a) modder can do ...
  3. Hey, I saw you were here at Turboduck in last October.

    I just watched your tutorial vids. Thank you for your effort. 👍
    When do you exspect to complete your series.
    There is some stuff missing after latest vid no. 4 😉


  4. Just tried, no problem with fuel addon in single player mode. Activate the speedo via F6 key to see the fuel amount. It's about 10km per tick, new fuel at gas station via backspace key with me. If I am right, there is only one gas station in the northern part of the island.
  5. I don't know about xmb editing, but I always used the camera tool. I added both version, guess 1.2 is better working, cannot remember Ignore anti virus warning, it's because it manipulates the game exe file. Camera Hack 1.2.zip Camera Hack 1.3.1.zip
  6. Yes, with the main package TDUF version 1.12 ist included. But latest version you get here.
  7. I still have a very old track pack made by 2CVSUPERGT, but I never tried Track_Pack I-v1-0_2CVSUPERGT.zip
  8. Deactivate HDR I have published some setting results done ingame and/or in the launcher.
  9. Why do you not use the search function? https://turboduck.net/search/?q=loading screen stuck&quick=1
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