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  1. Look at first posting at the end, but only 412 are listed by name, further 470 vehicles are hidden to motivate people to explore the game.
  2. There are many traffic mods for TDU2, look here: https://vk.com/albums-84102491
  3. Very nice But I would like some backfire sounds included. I got several. Have I sent some to you? Cannot remember.
    Very nice sound. But for me it is - compared with your 991 R etc. sounds - too quiet.
  4. Have you started the game with admin rights via the TDU Project Paradise Launcher? Which OS do you have? I suggest to install the main Platinum Pack 1.0 first, it is bigger then just the latest 1.21 Patch. No, server is online. Drove a bit with friends yesterday.
  5. I really enjoy your sounds in general. But I think, this one needs a rework.
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