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  1. You are just fabulous StarGT, thank you !!!
  2. Even if I am no friend of winglets, thank you for the mod, StarGT
  3. MagicV8

    DLC Issue

    Look here Use at your own risk.
  4. In options there is missing the link to the original 2db file to be replaced. That you need for keeping the file header for the new file.
  5. You cannot do. A mod in TDU 2 is always meant to replace the car it's made for, or a similar model, like Bugattis are all equal or the Jaguar XKR. Only in TDU 1 it doesn't matter which one to replace!
  6. The mod should be available here (after admin ok):
  7. I could upload, when binbow allows
  8. Welcome back Pator5 Nice to see you again. This Porsche is looking awesome!
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