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  1. Crossposting is undesirable, wrong section anyway as I wrote in your other thread.
  2. It has to do with RAM handling of your rig. 32bit Windows XP could only address max 4 GB RAM, the time TDU was for.
  3. Get the 4 GB patch, use the forum search function, it shows this.
  4. It's curious to cry about a dead link for a game, that is dead for years no. Because I am a nice guy, I give you a link to a description to decrypt without a GUI tool.
  5. Many had a problem like you and got an answer. This forum has a search function. I really don't get it, why people are that lazy to use it.
  6. Seems to be your anti-virus software. Make an exception for the exe.
  7. What I mean is the yellow marked part of the vents, inside the vents. Depending on the perspective this texture(s) becomes light grey. And if that texture(s) could be the same as the green rounded part, a real matt black, without reflection if it is that. Is that better explained? .
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