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  1. Allthough I don't beleave Milli used any broken files, you are a bit too late to find most sound mods of the past. Just browse all sound thread here first, perhaps you are lucky to find some working links. At least you'll see, who has done sound mods to browse the web for. Exchanging works by replacing the specific sound file with a new. Don't forget to backup. Good luck.
  2. You won't get a link for original games / files to download here. But a fast look at Ebay offers with me at least 37 TDU 2 DVDs worldwide to buy, and some more new / used at Amazon. PS: And you posted at the wrong forums
    Great mod, I was looking for removing it for long time.
  3. What do you expect from a 13 years old game? Most people / modder are gone long time ago. Last modders online are StarGT here at forums (mostly TDU2) or Rulezzz, VDV522 or VOLGOGRAD at HF Garage. All video tutorials by Minime, [email protected]_$hotgun, TDUZoqqer, ... are offline afaik. I would say, you are too late.
  4. Just awesome, bro Thank you very very much. Perhaps it will inspire TDUZoqqer to go on with his traffic mods too.
  5. There is no mod like you desire. Just learn to drive, at least it is easy to win with some excersize, tztztz
  6. For TDU2 there was never a patch 1.68b, this was for TDU. And for TDU it isn't needed anymore because of new patch "Platinum" by Milli.
  7. I am using G29 wheel with G27 shifter with an adapter to use all knobs. Working with me. A bit tricky was to find a working USB slot for that wheel with Windows 10. At least it was the first at the mainboards backplate.
  8. Rule no. 1: Always backup original files before replacing with mod files Rule no. 2: Original game files won't be shared here. Result: Reinstall your game.
  9. What do you mean with "full" modification? Latest patch (from community by Milli) for the game you can find here.
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