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  1. Damn, there is no icon like "You are a moron"
  2. Great at all, but ... pink is not mine
  3. Take a look at Hawaiian Bliss v4.0 (Textures + Weather Day & Night Mod)
  4. Hi, I uploaded all video tutorials by Minime981 here: One was to big to upload here, so it is at the moment at my webspace. Setting up a TDU2 model with zmodeler Setting up the cars body in zmodeler for TDU2 Making a copy of a existing material Setting up a basic material for TDU2 Deleting old parts and setting the seat dummys Setting up wheel positions for TDU2 Adding a new steering wheel How to change color of a rim for TDU2 [EDIT] I have also video tutorials by tduchicken (TDU2): How to Create Mod your own Rims
  5. Hey man,

    what do you think about this:


    1. Minime891


      Upload them, I'd like to see what I did. 

      Do you know when I made them? 

  6. Go to the counter inside used car dealer and point the guy, should work
    And the next outstanding mod Thank you!!!!
  7. Can requests be made for special modification to current cars by chance? I think ":bye:" says all. At least he only had changes to make in his car.
  8. At least you need ZModeler 2, version 3 doesn't support TDU (2) afaik. I still have the video tutorials by Minime, but I don't know, if he would allow me to reupload them, perhaps here at Turboduck.
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