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  1. What I mean is the yellow marked part of the vents, inside the vents. Depending on the perspective this texture(s) becomes light grey. And if that texture(s) could be the same as the green rounded part, a real matt black, without reflection if it is that. Is that better explained? .
  2. Thank you very much for refurbishing your mods. About texturing I have a little suggestion. Would it be a good thing to change the reflection of the inner parts of the rear vents like the side panels of the roof cover? Depending on the perspective they are light grey (pictures here and here)
  3. There are no download links at all, and I won't offer download links, it's just a directory.
  4. He has written, that he knows that, but he asked for TDU 2
  5. TDUZoqqer is absolutly right. I am the owner of the directory site. And don't ask me for mods, I won't share any. But many have links, where they were / are published.
  6. Ah, ok, now I took the TDUF 1.12 she delivered in the Platinum main patch, now it works again, thank you bro
  7. You can find it here: ...\TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.12\Extra\4gb Executables
  8. I don't know why, but actually I have a small problem here. In the past I could choose in TDUFs "Camera and IKs" also cameras by Milli, like several Subarus. Now I am missing all these entrys, I just got thousands of "New Camera Set (...)". What I am doing wrong at once? Any help is very appreciated, thank you! PS: Copied Millis database files over, also tried TDUF 1.12 and 1.13
  9. 1.0 is a must do, then directly 1.12, last includes all patches before.
  10. I guess yes. If there would be a server, it would be even nicer
  11. Sometimes my profile crashes the game while testing mods / using other perfomance packs / installer. So I have to use a profile backup and / or copy back the database files.
  12. When I ran TDU on Windows 10, I used the LGS_9.02.65_x64_Logitech.exe with my G29 inkl. G27 Shifter via adapter and it worked. Perhaps trying different USB ports will help? PS: I am back on Win7 btw.
  13. Well, at that time it was always appreciated, wasn't it? Learning is a process
  14. Wow, awesome mod, cool choice also Thank you!
  15. You don't need gamespy. Gamespy is dead for years now. And because there were tons of people before you asking the same, just use the forum search.
  16. There is a tool (CamberMod) you can get here. How to use is here.
  17. No, that is not possible. Only the modder can rework his mod for the other TDU.
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