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  1. Ive been skimming around Google for HUD making tutorials, and there don't seem to be any out there, besides some of the HUD Help over on TDUC. Can anyone explain how to do this, Id like to make some HUD mods for the community! Thanks for your time!
  2. I don't really know about alot of this, but have you tried running it as administrator?
  3. No Prob, best replacement for the Golf in Regular TDU
  4. Okay, Ive managed to find the Weather files. Question. Is moving the timescale UP going to make transition faster? I checked the timescale, and it said: 50. Don't really know if this is slow/fast. (Again, sorry for bieng such a pain.) ---------- Post added at 7:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 7:47 PM ---------- Never mind. Got it. Thanks for your help.
  5. Havent been on the forums in awhile, Time to start posting again!

  6. Okay, So I unpacked TDU2, and put in a mod. When I start the game, it shows the first few loading/warning screens, then just shuts down. Tips?
  7. Would I have to reinstall the mods, and one more question, Do I change it in the Season mod directory in the TDU Folder? ---------- Post added at 8:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:07 PM ---------- Sorry to bother you so much, I just dont want to do anything wrong.
  8. Here are some of my TDU Photos, taken with the Season Mod installer by TheDuck38! [ATTACH]17385[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]17387[/ATTACH]Thanks for viewing! Will post more soon.
  9. Yeah, I got an awesome picture of that in TDU, thought it may as well be my avatar. I love Supras.
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