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  1. hola quiero saber si tienen un mod de scirocco para tdu platinum pc y si me pueden dar un mini tutorial para instalarlo

  2. You are one of the most talent modders that i had a chance to meet! 

    Dont forget about people who really loves your art my friend.

  3. Thx alot for the new Community Patch Djey, im gonna try it asap thats for sure (work is killing me atm got so mutch stuff to do and dont have eny free time :( ) ill hit u up with a feedback wenn im done testing the new patch, via pm ;) p.s Thx so mutch that u keept working on this and made it happen, in my eyes ur a real Tdu legend u have and get all my respect thats for sure.
  4. Hello dear VIOLATOR Well i did not want to log on again in this Rly unthankful modding section again but after seeing this... thats the part were my head blows up as nobody have written down a comment or eny kind of feedback in 2 damn days wich is very sad ohhh well,, i have got mutch more to say but it would be a never ending story from A to Z Enyway sry for the offtropic VIOLATOR ur sound is rly epic for ur first try, i hope u not gonna stop working on them i can see u gonna me a good sound modder very soon heads up ;) ;) ;) p.s im gonna keep my eye on u on Youtube :)
  5. @Dux yh me to im sicc of these other s***t mainboards like gigabyte, msi and so on i had a rly good gigabyte board back in the days that made no problems iv been running it clean without reinstalling windows for 3 or 4 years, but wenn COD BO2 came out i had to update it and then i got this damn board ^^ well this was the second and last time i will buy an Gigabyte board yh man i was thinking abaut thermaltake aswell, there is so much good stuff to choose from ahhh no worrys im ok with that @ bigs well im always on the map for a hou or 2 sry for the late reply guys
  6. Im not a big Z fan but looks not bad at all good job
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