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  1. Any news for a new unpacked script Big Map with the correct filelist ?
  2. Nice car choice ;) but why the Audi S5 slot ??? S5 is a 4 wheels drive car !!!
  3. hi there, Maybe someone can help me, i don't understand why i have black paint when i try to import my own 3d parts? in Zmod, i put my 3D parts, rename Body_hr, i go to property > polygone > material > paint [carpaint2] i delete the original BOdy_HR, but ingame, i have always a black paint :( -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- i tried with textured light, and same one, ingame my light have a black paint... please help me !!
  4. changing Rims axes, Maybe is not the good step but we can try this (that work for me) open 3dg in zmod in the scene nodes, go to FORK_FL (example) right click on D_RIM_FL and [90]_TIRE_F and choose "unlik children or unlik" now change/move the pivot/dummy like u want re-link D_RIM_FL and [90]_TIRE_f in [99 A0]IRRUP_ some guys here can move the rims when i see some screenshot, why this guys dont share the good step ?? cordially..
  5. @Tool831 moved pivot only, change wheel axes and move pivot separatly...
  6. wagnerpsc try with the RK_spyder_f_01 like this. 1. unpack the bnk with the djey tool, tool creat a work folder, open Zmod, go to option setting>service>texture click on "add" and load work>rk_spyder_f_01.bnk>5prepared>vehicule>cars>MAPS 2.in the work Rk spyder folder> go to maps file and put here ur DDS, convert the dds with the knyasev tool in this folder, take the spyder_f_01_logo.2db as the original for ur convert, convert dds, and rename the new dds like the original "spyder_f_01_logo.2db" delete dds and old .2db 3.open Zmod, work
  7. hi there, same problem here with my wheel textured in pink ?, someone have ever see that before ? [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/846/captureklt.jpg/]-- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --[/URL] ok, i've finally found the way and put my texture ingame but, other problem, i lost the specular highlight after export with zmod ?? is not a repacking problem, just zmod export lost my specular. [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/502/captureao.jpg/]-- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --[/URL] @wagnerpsc that my step for have the texture ingame mayb
  8. thank tool831 but can u explain me how work texturewith zmod ? i tried to import my wheels in game, but i have pink texture on it ? i load my 2db with the material editor assigned the texture on the mesh and export in 3dg, in game sometime i've black or pink wheel textured :(
  9. Hi guys, Why not create a modding team for the conversion of FM models grouping 3d modder, sounds, physics? so as not to end up with duplicate this...
  10. the new zmod filter is on a way ..... yeah the day is coming TDU2 will revive
  11. hi there, someone have tried to import 3d modèle in the game with the old .3dg zmod filter ? have tried with a simple 3D wheel but the game crash :(
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